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11 DECEMBER 1931 AND 19 JANUARY 1990

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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

OSHO on Mother Teresa

Their interest is totally different. If people use birth control methods, then from where is Mother Teresa going to find orphans? Her whole business will be finished. And these orphans are being converted into Catholics, so the pope is in absolute support.

You give Nobel Prizes to these people who need to be sentenced to prison for their whole life! They are the cause of poverty in the world, they are the cause of the orphans in the world. And they are still free, preaching the same old nonsense. They go on saying God gives children. On what authority do they know it? Have they got any proof, any evidence that God gives children to people?

And if God gives children to people, then their God must be absolutely insane. Seeing this earth overpopulated, thousands of people dying, he goes on giving children?

There is no God.

It is the greatest lie invented by the religions to exploit humanity.

And I am surprised.... Mother Teresa has been in correspondence with me. Because I condemned her so much in India, she finally had to write a letter to me in which she said, "It is out of my compassion that I am serving the orphans."

I replied to her, "Your compassion is costing too much. You can be compassionate to something else, but please stop this compassion to orphans, and stop talking this nonsense that God gives children."

And I wrote to her, "God is omnipotent, all powerful. If he really wants to give children, then he can do anything. What about the Pill? Can't God remove the Pill? God could part the ocean for Moses to move with all his followers; can't he make a passage in the condom? He can part the ocean, he cannot part the condom? So leave it to him. If he wants - he is all-powerful, all-knowing, present everywhere - he will do whatsoever he wants to do. Why are you bothering and teaching people against birth control methods?"

Her next letter came without any answer to what I had written. She simply wrote, "I will pray to God to forgive you."

I had to write to her again: "I have not given you the authority to pray on my behalf. I can sue you in the court. Who are you to pray on my behalf to a God who does not exist? You are interfering with my freedom. Stop praying, at least for me! I do not want anybody's prayer, anybody's forgiveness; I am not committing any sin. Pray for yourself."

And that was the end of the correspondence.

"From Bondage to Freedom "
This existence is paradise Question:3

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  1. Osho is Right Sir!

    He is dealing with root cause of orphanage (birth control)where as that madam was providing a supporting hand which will never solve the problem.