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11 DECEMBER 1931 AND 19 JANUARY 1990

I would like more and more writers, poets, film makers to steal as much as they can, because truth is not my property, I am not its owner. let it reach in any way, in anybody's name, in any form, but let it reach. Beyond Psychology#3 Q#2 : Osho

If you really want to know who I am, you have to be as absolutely empty as I am. Then two mirrors will be facing each other, and only emptiness will be mirrored: two mirrors facing each other. But if you have some idea, then you will see your own idea in me."

"Only that which cannot be taken away by death is real. Everything else is unreal, it is made of the same stuff dreams are made of." ~OSHO♥

Thursday, 18 February 2010

A Man of Peace - OSHO

"Everybody would like to be a man of peace, but just by liking one cannot become a man of peace. People go on shouting for peace and the same people go on preparing for war. The same people go on talking about peace and the same people go on piling up atom bombs, hydrogen bombs, nuclear bombs; they are not different people.

It is a very strange phenomenon. Man lives in such contradiction for the simple reason that it is easy to desire good and beautiful things, but to materialize them is a totally different thing. To dream is one thing, to make the dream a reality is another.

Everybody can afford dreams, and when you are dreaming you can dream beautiful dreams, but dreams are dreams: when you wake up they have not changed your reality even by an iota - the reality remains the same. And man becomes split: he dreams good thing about godliness, about peace, about love, and he prepares for war, for destruction, for violence.

A real man of peace will have to go through an inner transformation, only then the dream becomes a reality. Meditation is the alchemy of transforming your aggressive energies into peaceful energies. It transforms your violence into love. They are not different, it is the same energy. We have energies but we are not grown-ups. Hence our energies go berserk. Meditation is the process of growing up."


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