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Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Love Flowers Only When Needs Have Disappeared - OSHO

One day one has to become independent of a constant need of being cared for by a woman. That is the day that one becomes mature. That is the day when you are finished with your mother, and that is the day you can start loving a woman. Otherwise in every woman you will go on searching for your mother.

Then it is going to be false love. It is going to be political. Because you need the care, you pretend to love, but that is not mature love. You are like a child hanging onto the mother's skirt. If you continue that you will never know what love is.

One has to finish with this dependence. When you are finished with it, for the first time you will be able to decide whether you love this woman or not, because now there is no need; now you can share. When there is no need, love flowers.

Love flowers only when needs have disappeared. A love happens only between a king and a queen -- neither is in any need.

Love is the most luxurious thing in the world. It is not a need -- it is the last luxury, the ultimate in luxuries. If you are needing it it is just as other needs; one needs food, one needs shelter, one needs clothes, one needs this and that. Then love is also part of this world.

When there is no need and you are simply flowing with energy and would like to share with somebody, and somebody is also flow-ing with energy and would like to share with you, then you both offer your energies to an unknown god of love.

And it is sheer luxury because it is purposeless. It has no business to do. It is intrinsic -- it is not a means to anything else. It is a great play.


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