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11 DECEMBER 1931 AND 19 JANUARY 1990

I would like more and more writers, poets, film makers to steal as much as they can, because truth is not my property, I am not its owner. let it reach in any way, in anybody's name, in any form, but let it reach. Beyond Psychology#3 Q#2 : Osho

If you really want to know who I am, you have to be as absolutely empty as I am. Then two mirrors will be facing each other, and only emptiness will be mirrored: two mirrors facing each other. But if you have some idea, then you will see your own idea in me."

"Only that which cannot be taken away by death is real. Everything else is unreal, it is made of the same stuff dreams are made of." ~OSHO♥

Friday, May 22, 2015

People Who Really Want To Be Ninety-nine Percent Free In Their Lives, Have To Be One Percent Completely Robot-like


In the human mind there is a part which works as a robot. That part is the most efficient part of the human computer. Whatsoever you learn is given to the robot part, and then it goes on working. Then you need not be continuously worried. You need not interfere; you need not think about it -- it goes on doing. It is a perfect mechanism. But if you change every day then you create confusion. And that change will not allow you to be creative because your whole energy will be wasted.


He is completely free to paint, to write poetries, to dance, to sing, and to do a thousand and one things. There you need to be creative, mm? You understand me? Run your life as smoothly as if it is a perfectly running watch. Tick tock... it goes on -- no disturbance.

This is my understanding, that people who really want to be ninety-nine percent free in their lives, have to become one percent completely robot-like -- all the great creators. So they go on eating the same thing every day... because why create difficulties for the body? If you eat one thing today and another thing tomorrow and another thing the day after tomorrow, every day the body has to think about it; has to absorb it in new ways, create new juices for it -- and it creates a disturbance and confusion.

They go to bed at exactly the same time, so the body knows and functions well. If you go exactly at the same time to bed every night, there will be no trouble. The body knows and it follows the habit. At eleven o'clock you go to sleep; at eleven o'clock the body is ready. The moment you move to the bed the body is also ready; it was waiting. At one o'clock you take your dinner; at one o'clock the body is hungry. It goes on moving clockwise. And it is good if you want to be creative.
If you don't want to be creative, then live haphazardly. One day go to sleep in the morning, another day go to sleep at midnight.

One day eat your food in the morning, another in the afternoon, another in the night; create confusion and chaos within you. You may think that you are changing many things and are living such an original life, but your whole energy will be wasted. Nothing great can come out of such a wastage of energy. If you really want something to evolve out of your being, have a very very smooth-running life.

And very small things make it smooth -- getting up at the same time every day. I don't mean to become neurotic about it. One day one is not feeling well, one is feeling feverish -- then there is no need to be so neurotic about your having to get up at five, whether you are ill or healthy. That is not the point. And I am not saying that you have to eat exactly the same amount of food whether you are ill or healthy -- just be balanced.

Just accept the routine life.

Be Realistic: Plan for a Miracle

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Awakened Person Cannot Be Destroyed By Existence


– Kaveesha, I can understand your anguish about the whole of humanity, about this planet earth; because every day we are coming closer and closer to a disaster. It is because the disaster is coming very close; even with your buffers you cannot forget it — and it hurts. And it hurts more because you feel you cannot help; you cannot do anything. It is simply beyond the capacity of any individual to prevent this calamity, this disaster, this global suicide that seems to be almost certain. But I have a way of my own.

You feel helpless because you think in terms of helping other people to understand, and that is an impossible job. The world is so big, and people are so full of violence that it seems the calamity is not coming from outside, but it is the accumulated violence in people themselves that is going to explode this earth.

But don’t think in terms of helping. Then you will not feel helpless and you will not feel tense. I don’t feel helpless, I don’t feel tense, I don’t feel any anguish — and I am more aware of it than you can be — because my approach is not of helping anybody, but just for you to raise your own consciousness to the highest peak possible… of which you are perfectly capable.
If we can create only two hundred enlightened people in the world, the world can be saved.

Kaveesha was born in a Jewish family, hence she will understand a beautiful story. In the OLD TESTAMENT it is mentioned that there were two cities, Sodom and Gomorrah, and both became sexually perverted. In Gomorrah, homosexuality was so prevalent, and in Sodom people had fallen even lower in their perversion: they were making love to animals. Hence, the English word “sodomy” — it comes from the city of Sodom. And God decided to destroy those two cities completely.

He destroyed those two cities completely — and it is very strange that those two cities had the same population as Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed by man, but the OLD TESTAMENT story is that God destroyed those two sexually perverted cities. What I am going to tell you is a Hassidic story based on the OLD TESTAMENT version of the destruction by God of two sexually perverted cities.

Judaism has blossomed in its totality in Hassidism. Hassidism is a rebellious, and essentially religious, phenomenon. All the religions have given to the world something beautiful — although those religions were against that something beautiful — except Christianity.

Mohammedanism has given Sufism, although Mohammedans have killed Sufis. Buddhism has given Zen, although Buddhists don’t accept Zen as an authentic teaching of Gautam Buddham. Hinduism has given Tantra, but Hindus are very much against Tantra — and that is their very truth. It is a very strange thing… and the same is the situation with Judaism.

Hassidism is a small, rebellious phenomenon within the world of Judaism. The man who founded Hassidism was Baal Shemtov. He also relates the story and you can see the beauty and the difference. Somebody asked him, “What do you think about Sodom and Gomorrah?”

And Baal Shem said, “That story is not written in its completion. I will tell you the whole story.” And he said, “When God declared that he was going to destroy these two cities, one Hassid, a mystic, approached God and asked him, `If in these cities there are one hundred people who have experienced you, what will you do with these one hundred people? Are you going to destroy them too, with the whole cities?’

“For a moment God was silent and then he said, `No. If there were one hundred awakened souls in these two cities, because of those one hundred people these two cities would be saved; I would not destroy them.’

“The Hassid mystic said, `If there were only fifty, not a hundred? Will you destroy these cities, and those fifty awakened people?’
“Now God saw that he had been caught by the mystic. He said, `No, I cannot destroy fifty awakened people.’ And the Hassid said, `I want you to know that there is only one man who is awakened; six months he lives in Sodom and six months he lives in Gomorrah. What do you say about it? — Will you destroy the cities?’
“God said, `You are a very cunning fellow. Who is this man?’ He said of course, `I am.’

“And God could not deny him because it is not a question of quantity, it is a question of quality: one awakened person or one hundred awakened persons. The awakened person cannot be destroyed by existence, because the awakened person is the longest dream of existence itself, the deepest longing of existence itself — to reach to the stars.” And Baal Shem said that Sodom and Gomorrah were never destroyed.

Jews are angry about Baal Shem, that he is just inventing this story; the whole story is written in the OLD TESTAMENT. The Jews don’t accept the Hassids as authentic Jews. In the same way, everywhere the really religious person will be condemned by the so-called religious.

Whether Baal Shem invented the story or whether he was telling the true story, I am with him. In the first place a God who believes in destruction is not a God. A God who cannot transform people from their perversions is not a God. Baal Shem is not only saving those two cities, he is also saving God’s godliness: his compassion, his love, his understanding.

Kaveesha, forget all about the world. You become the one Hassid, the one mystic. And if we can create around the world just two hundred enlightened people…. That number is also exactly like Baal Shem’s Hassid. When he started talking with God, negotiating, it was only a question of two cities. The world has become big and it is a question of the whole world — so I am starting negotiating with two hundred. But I want to tell you that even two enlightened people will be enough, and the world will be saved; because existence cannot destroy its own ultimate flowering.

So you forget about the world; otherwise it will create unnecessary anxiety and will destroy your own awakening, which is the only possibility to save the world. Anybody who wants to help the world should forget about the world and concentrate upon himself. Raise your consciousness to such a height that existence has to think a second time whether to destroy this world or to save it.

The masses as they are don’t matter; existence will not care about them. In fact, existence would like this whole humanity — this rotten humanity — to be destroyed, so that evolution can start from scratch again. Something has gone wrong….

But if there are a few enlightened people, they are far weightier than billions and billions of people on the earth. Existence cannot destroy the world — not only because of those few people who are enlightened; but because of their enlightenment, the unconscious masses also become valuable, because it is from these unconscious masses that those Himalayan peaks have arisen. They were also unconscious yesterday, today they are conscious. And existence is very patient: if it sees that unconscious people can become fully conscious, then this great mass of people, which is absolutely unconscious, also has a possibility.

I depend on the individuals, not on the collectivity. The collectivity is so rotten that it will be an act of compassion to destroy it. But we have to prove that out of this unconscious, almost dead humanity, a few lotuses can blossom. Then, just given time, perhaps more lotuses will be coming. Some may be just buds, some may be just in the seed; but even if there is one man who is enlightened, with him the whole of humanity becomes valuable, because that man shows the hope that every man is capable of the same miracle.

So, Kaveesha, forget about helping. You cannot help; nobody can help. But you can become a mystic, a Hassid, and you can argue with God, that “I am here; are you going to destroy me? And these people who are somnambulists, walking in their sleep — I was also one of them. That is my yesterday. These people should be given their tomorrows. There is every possibility that every human being can become a Gautam Buddha.” This is the only way to save this beautiful planet earth.


Monday, April 6, 2015

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Lao Tzu Forest by Krisisna - OSHO Celebration Music

The Revolution Called Ecstasy


This is one of the most complex human problems. It has to be considered very deeply, and it is not theoretical – it concerns you. This is how everybody is behaving...always choosing the wrong, always choosing the sad, the depressed, the miserable. There must be profound reasons for it, and there are.
The first thing: the way human beings are brought up plays a very definite role in it. If you are unhappy you gain something from it, you always gain. If you are happy you always lose.

From the very beginning an alert child starts feeling the distinction. Whenever he is unhappy everybody is sympathetic towards him, he gains sympathy. Everybody tries to be loving towards him, he gains love. And even more than that: whenever he is unhappy everybody is attentive towards him, he gains attention. Attention works like food for the ego, a very alcoholic stimulant. It gives you energy; you feel you are somebody. Hence so much need, so much desire to get attention.

If everybody is looking at you, you become important. If nobody is looking at you, you feel as if you are not there, you are no more, you are a non-being. People looking at you, people caring about you gives you energy. The ego exists in relationship. The more people pay attention to you, the more you gain ego. If nobody looks at you, the ego dissolves. If everybody has completely forgotten you, how can the ego exist? How can you feel that you are? Hence the need for societies, associations, clubs. All over the world clubs exist – Rotary, Lions’, Masonic Lodges...millions of clubs and societies. These societies and clubs exist only to give attention to people who cannot get attention in other ways.

It is difficult to become a president of a country. It is difficult to become a mayor of a corporation. It is easier to become the president of a Lions’ Club; then a particular group gives you attention. You are very important – doing nothing! Lions’ Clubs, Rotary Clubs...doing nothing at all but still they feel they are something important. The president goes on changing; one this year, another next year. Everybody gets attention. It is a mutual arrangement, and everybody feels important.

From the very beginning the child learns the politics. The politics are: look miserable, then you get sympathy, then everybody is attentive. Look ill; you become important. An ill child becomes dictatorial; the whole family has to follow him – whatsoever he says is the rule.

When he is happy nobody listens to him. When he is healthy nobody cares about him. When he is perfect nobody is attentive. From the very beginning we start choosing the miserable, the sad, the pessimistic, the darker side of life. That’s one thing.

A second thing related to it is: whenever you are happy, whenever you are joyful, whenever you feel ecstatic and blissful, everybody is jealous of you. Jealousy means that everybody is antagonistic, nobody is friendly; at that moment everybody is an enemy. So you have learnt not to be so ecstatic that everybody becomes inimical towards you – not to show your bliss, not to laugh.

Look at people when they laugh. They laugh very calculatingly. It is not a belly laugh, it is not coming from the very depth of their being. They first look at you, then they judge...and then they laugh. And they laugh to a particular extent, to the extent you will tolerate, to the extent which will not be taken amiss, the extent where nobody will become jealous.

Even our smiles are political. Laughter has disappeared; bliss has become absolutely unknown, and to be ecstatic is almost impossible because it is not allowed. If you are miserable nobody will think you are mad. If you are ecstatic and dancing everybody will think you are mad. Dance is rejected, singing is not accepted. A blissful man...we think something has gone wrong.

What type of society is this? If someone is miserable everything is okay; he fits because the whole society is miserable, more or less. He is a member; he belongs to us. If somebody becomes ecstatic we think he has gone berserk, insane. He doesn’t belong to us...and we feel jealous.

Because of jealousy we condemn him. Because of jealousy we will try in every way to put him back to his old state. We call that old state normality. Psychoanalysts will help, psychiatrists will help to bring that man to the normal misery.

In the West, the whole society is turning against psychedelics. The law, the state, the government, the legal experts, the high courts, the legislators, priests, popes...everybody is turning against them. They are not really against psychedelics, they are against people being ecstatic. They are not against alcohol, they are not against other things which are drugs, but they are against psychedelics because psychedelics can create a chemical change in you. And the old crust that the society has created around you, the imprisonment in misery, can be broken, there can be a breakthrough. You can come out of it, even for a few moments, and be ecstatic.

Society cannot allow ecstasy. Ecstasy is the greatest revolution. I repeat it: ecstasy is the greatest revolution. If people become ecstatic the whole society will have to change, because this society is based on misery.

If people are blissful you cannot lead them to war – to Vietnam, or to Egypt, or to Israel. No. Someone who is blissful will just laugh and say: This is nonsense!
If people are blissful you cannot make them obsessed with money. They will not waste their whole lives just accumulating money. It will look like madness to them that a person is destroying his whole life, just exchanging his life for dead money, dying and accumulating money. And the money will be there when he is dead. This is absolute madness! But this madness cannot be seen unless you are ecstatic.

If people are ecstatic then the whole pattern of this society will have to change. This society exists on misery. Misery is a great investment for this society. So we bring up children...from the very beginning we create a leaning towards misery. That’s why they always choose misery.

In the morning for everybody there is a choice. And not only in the morning, every moment there is a choice to be miserable or to be happy. You always choose to be miserable because there is an investment. You always choose to be miserable because that has become a habit, a pattern, you have always done that. You have become efficient at doing it, it has become a track. The moment your mind has to choose, it immediately flows towards misery.

Misery seems to be downhill, ecstasy seems to be uphill. Ecstasy looks very difficult to reach but it is not so. The real thing is quite the opposite: ecstasy is downhill, misery is uphill. Misery is a very difficult thing to achieve, but you have achieved it, you have done the impossible...because misery is so anti-nature. Nobody wants to be miserable and everybody is miserable.

Society has done a great job. Education, culture, and the culturing agencies, parents, teachers – they have done a great job. They have made miserable creatures out of ecstatic creators. Every child is born ecstatic. Every child is born a god. And every man dies a madman.

Unless you recover, unless you reclaim your childhood, you will not be able to become the white clouds I am talking about. This is the whole work for you, the whole sadhana – how to regain childhood, how to reclaim it. If you can become children again then there is no misery.

I don’t mean that for a child there are no moments of misery – there are. But still there is no misery. Try to understand this.

A child can become miserable, he can be unhappy, intensely unhappy in a moment, but he is so total in that unhappiness, he is so one with that unhappiness that there is no division. The child separate from unhappiness is not there. The child is not looking at his unhappiness separate, divided. The child is unhappiness – he is so involved in it. When you become one with unhappiness, unhappiness is not unhappiness. If you become so one with it, even that has a beauty of its own.

So look at a child – an unspoilt child, I mean. If he is angry, then his whole energy becomes anger; nothing is left behind, no holding back. He has moved and become anger; there is nobody manipulating and controlling it. There is no mind. The child has become anger; he is not angry, he has become the anger. And then see the beauty, the flowering of anger. The child never looks ugly; even in anger he looks beautiful. He just looks more intense, more vital, more alive...a volcano ready to erupt. Such a small child, such a great energy, such an atomic being – with the whole universe to explode!

And after this anger the child will be silent. After this anger the child will be very peaceful. After this anger the child will relax. We may think it is very miserable to be in that anger but the child is not miserable – he has enjoyed it.

If you become one with anything you become blissful. If you separate yourself from anything, even if it is happiness, you will become miserable.
So this is the key. To be separate as an ego is the base of all misery; to be one, to be flowing, with whatsoever life brings to you, to be in it so intensely, so totally, that you are no more, you are lost, then everything is blissful.

The choice is there, but you have even become unaware of the choice. You have been choosing the wrong so continuously, it has become such a dead habit, that you simply choose it automatically. There is no choice left.

Become alert. Each moment when you are choosing to be miserable remember: this is your choice. Even this mindfulness will help, the alertness that this is my choice and I am responsible, and this is what I am doing to myself, this is my doing. Immediately you will feel a difference. The quality of mind will have changed. It will be easier for you to move towards happiness.
Once you know that this is your choice, then the whole thing has become a game. Then if you love to be miserable, be miserable, but remember, this is your choice and don’t complain. There is nobody else who is responsible for it. This is your drama. If you like this way, if you like a miserable way, if you want to pass through life in misery, then this is your choice, your game. You are playing it. Play it well!

Then don’t go and ask people how not to be miserable. That is absurd. Don’t go and ask masters and gurus how to be happy. The so-called gurus exist because you are foolish. You create the misery, and then you go and ask others how to uncreate it. And you will go on creating misery because you are not alert to what you are doing. From this very moment try, try to be happy and blissful.

‪OSHO‬, My Way: The Way of the White Clouds, Talk #3

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Does "TRUTH" need 650 books / volumes of OSHO's discourses with translations in 250 languages?




"Truth does not need one single word. Truth can never be expressed in words. Truth is beyond words. That is why, this effort is being made to say it in many different ways. You may not understand it in this way, but perhaps you may in that way.You may not see it from this direction, but perhaps you will from another.If you cannot see in this way, perhaps some other expression may help.

Perhaps, Sahajo's, perhaps Daya's, or Mahavira's, or Buddha's....... perhaps the expression of Christ - I will use any means to help you to understand.

If you miss this time, I will again find some other way to help you. BUT WHAT I HAVE TO SAY IS ALWAYS THAT WHICH CANNOT BE SAID. I am always having to tell you about that which cannot be told. But if I were to remain silent, then there would be no possibility for you to understand.

Truth cannot be contained in words, but if the IMPACT of the words continue to fall on you, then someone inside you will begin to wake up, and having awoken, will understand. WORDS ARE IMPACTS.

That is why, I don't speak about devotion all the time, otherwise you will fall asleep. I don't talk on meditation all the whole time, or on witnessing. Recently. I spoke on Lieh Tzu. It worked for some and didn't for some. THERE WAS NO POINT IN TALKING TO SPEAKING TO THEM ON HIM ANY LONGER...

So then I speak on Daya, on Ashtavakra, on Krishna instead...

I speak in so many different ways......... Your question is right: what I say in different ways is the same thing - I have nothing else to say.
BUT YOUR SLEEP IS SO DEEP THAT I MUST CALL YOU AGAIN AND AGAIN... But can remain silent, but if you don't understand me when I speak, how will you understand my silence?

TRUTH cannot be said in words, but if someone is willing to understand it can penetrate him even through words. Many enlightened ones have remained silent, but who has understood their silence?

A few enlightened ones have spoken. If they speak to 100 people, NINETY NINE of them will NOT understand. But even if just ONE UNDERSTANDS, that is enough.

EVEN IF ONE PERSON WAKES UP, THAT IS SUFFICIENT. Then, a CHAIN has been created: One person has awoken and that one person will awaken someone else.

Even the awakening of one person is a RARE EVENT on this earth - because if one person awakens, that one person will become the temple of divine....
THE MILIEU AROUND HIM WILL SPREAD, Waves will arise, Light will shower down, a Fragrance will emanate.

His music will echo far and wide, and someone else might AWAKEN because of that music. A chain has been started.

Moreover, those words belong to the DIVINE, just like everything else. Truth is divine's ... and words ... and nothingness.

*** OSHO *** The Last Morning Star

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Make Friends With Those Who Are On The Path

Make friends with those who are on the path at least as much as you are. If they do not take you forward, at least they do not become a reason to move you backward on your quest. If this is not possible, just walk alone. The companionship of fools is not good. Remember one thing, you have come alone in this world and will leave this world alone. The togetherness ideal is just a way to make you feel better. That is why it is important to learn the art of solitude. In the company of a person who has gone deeper into themselves, you will feel their company as well as solitude.

Crowds are formed by people who are focused on the external. It’s a miracle to see that there are no crowds to be seen when you are with people who are focused in and within themselves. If ten internally focused individuals are sitting in a room, it is not that there are ten internally focused individuals sitting. It is each individual sitting by themselves, thereby not forming a crowd.

Internally focused people don’t make bridges to the outside. If there are ten externally focused people sitting, there not a crowd of ten people – it is a crowd of ten thousand. This is because each individual is connecting with the other ten and so on. Thousands of relationships are been forged. Even if internally focused people are together, they leave each other alone. The best company is offered from people who allow you to be alone even while you are with them. The people worth developing company with are people who let your solitude retain its purity. Reflection can only happen in solitude.