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"Only that which cannot be taken away by death is real. Everything else is unreal, it is made of the same stuff dreams are made of." ~OSHO♥

Friday, 29 January 2010

Drop The Expectations - Osho


 Drop the past each moment. Remember to drop it.
Just as you clean your house every morning,
every moment clean your inner house of the past.
All psychological memories have to be dropped.
Just keep factual things and your mind will be very, very clean and clear.

Don't move ahead of yourself into the future because that is not possible to do. The future remains unknown; that is its beauty, that is its grandeur, glory. If it becomes known it will be useless, because then the whole excitement and the whole surprise will be lost.

Don't expect anything in the future. Don't corrupt it. Because if all your expectations are fulfilled then too you will be miserable... because it is your expectation and it is fulfilled. You will not be happy about it.

Happiness is possible only through surprise; happiness is possible only when something happens which you had never expected, when something takes you completely unawares. If your expectations are fulfilled a hundred per cent, you will be living as if you are in the past, not in the future. You come home and you expected your wife to say something and she does. And you expected your child to behave in a certain way and the child does.

Just think -- you will be constantly in boredom. Nothing will happen. Everything will be just a repetition, as if you are seeing something which you have seen before, hearing something which you have heard before. Continuously you will see that it is a repetition of something. and repetition can never be satisfying. The new, the novel, the original, is needed.

So if your expectations are fulfilled. you will remain completely unfulfilled.

And if your expectations are not fulfilled. then you feel frustrated. Then you feel constantly as if you propose and God goes on disposing; you feel that God is the enemy; you feel as if everybody is against you and everybody is working against you. If your expectations are never fulfilled you will feel frustrated.

Just meditate upon your expectations: if they are fulfilled you will feel bored, if they are not fulfilled you will feel cheated. You will feel as if a conspiracy is going on against you. as if the whole existence is conspiring against you. You will feel exploited, you will feel rejected, you will not be able to feel at home. And the whole problem arises because you expect.

Don't go ahead into the future. Drop expectations.



  1. CoolDeep, would expectations to be loved and cared for count. Or is it wrong to expect this too? :(

  2. well i won't call it right or wrong dear.. but just give it a thought.. do you think a divine thing like love ever needs to be expected.. you love your beloved son without irrespective of him ever expecting it or not.. and perhaps it wont be worth calling it love if we expect and beg for it...

    love just comes.. there's no need to ask for it... expect for it..

    cause like Osho says, if two beggars beg for love.. how can they give...

    would love to know as to what you think...


  3. also if you can please watch this beautiful music video & interview by Deva Premal & Miten, two beautiful musician couple from the world of Osho...

    how beautifuly they convey and share the message of love.. and yes without any expectations.. :)

  4. Have not been logging in for a while, thanks for your response. I am always trying to validate my actions. I do not expect much just a little communication and thoughtfulness goes a long way for me. I am actually quite easy to please. Bless you.

  5. hmm Gaia... yeah that's ok.. you can always come back to our talks at your convenience...

    yeah, continue to do things that you are in sync with and that brings peace and joy to you..