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Saturday, 18 July 2009

Good News - Osho Trademarks finally cancelled in the US: Order released by Federal Court‏

Beloved friends,

A good news for you all. I just received a mail from Osho Friends International stating that the case pertaining to trademark of Osho has been finally cancelled. You can read the complete mail below.

Wow! Such a good news. Even the result of the poll that I have been conducted resonated the same message as the final verdict.

The Master has heard our prayers.. and finally delivered the final verdict in the interest of all the Seekers.

Good bless.

Take care.

CoolDeep for OshoOnline.

------------------------------- Read Mail Below -------------------------------------------

"Beloved Friends,

This is to update you with the latest developments about the trademarks of Osho and his meditations in the US.

Osho Trademarks finally cancelled in the US: Order released by Federal Court

On January 13, 2009, the Trials and Appeals Board of the United States Patent and Trademark Office in its strongly worded decision said that Osho cannot be trademarked. This decision was the culmination of a legal battle started nearly 10 years ago by Osho Friends International (OFI), an association of Osho meditation centers and disciples from all over the world.

Osho International Foundation (OIF), Zurich, filed a Notice of Appeal on March 12, 2009 with respect to the January 13, 2009 decision by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. OIF filed their appeal in the Court of Appeals of the Federal Circuit in Washington DC. The appeal was about the correctness of the decision rendered by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board on January 13.

Later on, OIF decided to withdraw the appeal and filed for withdrawal in the Court of Appeals on June 19, 2009. Osho Friends agreed for the withdrawal. Recently the Federal Court released the order dismissing the Appeal. The trademarks of Osho in the US now finally stand cancelled. It is expected that the cancellation may soon be reflected on the website of USPTO where the trademarks had been listed.

Free downloadable Osho audio-video discourses will soon be live again @
Please wait. Thank you for your patience.

Ma Prem Naina
Media Coordinator
Osho Friends International team"


  1. Osho Trademarks finally cancelled in the US: Order released by Federal Court,

    it seems it is only valid in US.
    we have little more to continue our 'copyright games' with 'OIF' friends.

  2. Hi Zora,

    Thank you for your comment.

    But friends whatever the verdit loose no hope. Nobody can stop us.. the maximum thing they can do is block this website... But trust me we will find other ways.. and they good thing is that other alternatives already exist... in fact they always have... and always will.. The Beloved Master will definitely guide us..

    Just never give up to any hypocriscy, pack of lies and a hell lot of bullshit...