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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Osho Online :: Why I am Displaying The Ads?

I was expecting it and here I have, a visitor, questioning on my displaying of Ads here in this blog. And I know there will be lots of visitors in the near future, who are going to pose the same question.

Well, I've contemplated over this for a long, long time (the displaying of Ads). This blog isn't an outcome of 'an one day thought.' I'd to decide on several voices and opinion coming from within. Some voice made me guilty and a voice motivated me and made me feel good. One voice said, 'Is this not commercialization' and the other said, I've given you a chance, so don't complain later that you never got one! More over with this copyright hassle the OIF people (Osho International Foundation) have been creating, it has given me a motive and a beautiful objective to work upon, on the behalf of those Sannyasins and Osho Lovers who are against this stupid idea of copyrighting.

And what is this chance?

Well, I hail from Nepal and currently I reside in Bangalore, India. Last year I'd been to a Osho meditation camp in Nepal. The charge for a 7-day meditation program there (Kathmandu) was about $60 to $70 (USD). Due to my financial background, I could easily afford it. But there I'd met other fellow-sannyansins who so much wanted to attend the meditation program like me, but didn't have the money to do so. And since then I've been wanting to do something for folks like them. And if there is a way available, the Sannyasin don't need to pay for the ebooks, videos and mp3s, and make money from Ads provided by a party (Google), which isn't related to Osho Sannyasins in any way, what is the harm in it, what is wrong in it? Moreover, I've decided to use the revenue generated from the Ads for the purpose of fellow sannyasin, who lack the finance to attend meditation programs; and where there is a option available, shouldn't I make use of it? And Goolge has nothing to do with Osho or his sannyasins? So, what's wrong in displaying the Ads provided by them and earning revenues from them itself? And please remember in Nepal, $60-$70 is a hell lot of money for people who don't have it.

Also, I've clearly displayed a banner on the top-left column, where I've offered to display the Ads for Osho Meditation Programs conducted by Sannyasins, for free.

I am only 24 years old now. I've just began to work and with the money I make, I can only look after myself. Maybe, by the grace of God, someday, if I happen to make enough money, then there will be no use of such Ads. Then I can make use of my own money and contribute. But as for now, I have no options available than to make use of the options available, without charging the Osho Sannyasins and Osho Lovers.

Some months back, I was listening to a Hindi discourse of Osho (the title which I don't remember now), where he was talking of money and meditation with his sannyasins. There he said, those who can contribute Rs. 100 can contribute it, the same goes with Rs.80, Rs.70....... Rs. 10. Then what about those who aren't able to contribute anything? For them the money can be adjusted from the sannyasins who contribute.

I hope the question is answered.

If you've read the banner of this blog, you can make out that Osho clearly states that every Sannyasin has a choice in finding and spreading the truth, in his|her own way. He says, "I want them to grow on their own......." I am aware that although this exactly isn't the way, I am happy I am able to share my beloved Master's message in my own ways, with my own objectives, and not bowing down to any authority. For it is through Osho, I became aware of valuable and pricelss atributes like courage, love and freedom. And that is exactly what I am trying to apply here, and yes of course in my OWN WAYS.


A humble request!

Instead of questioning me as to why I am displaying Ads and this and that, why don't anybody who has a problem display it too. I am not stopping you and anyone who understands my pragmatic approach, I am sure won't either. And in the process you can use the fund, without charging any of the Sannyasins in the benefit of the Sannyasins who really need it. We have to understand that not all of Osho's sannyasin are rich and Osho isn't just a rich man's experience.


To conclude, I don't know how long this blog is going to survive, neither I am worried. But like Osho said (displayed in the banner), if there is truth in whatever I am doing, it will survive, else it won't. And I am not the person who lives on 'ifs' and 'buts.' Later on, I don't want to say to myself, I wish I'd done this and that. The day I realize that this indeed is a mistake I've been committing, I will end it then and there... Until then... here I am, this is me... sharing the message of my Master, in all possible ways that can be. Also, I've nothing against OIF or any so called Foundations as such. They are spreading the Master's message in their own ways, and so am I in my very own ways. So, please lets not create inconsequential fuss, fight like babies, waste time and leave the work undone.


CoolDeep eVagabond


  1. Justification means nothing more than this; You're lying to yourself.

    And as I heard Osho say, There is no altruism where there is ego.

    Perhaps best to look again and this time more deeply.

  2. And in terms of costs of doing groups, Osho work is about meditation not groups.

  3. Hi Anonymous.

    Thank you for your comment.

    You seem to be making conclusions pretty early. I have thought about whatever yoy have been talking of, in depth, a long time back, before I even started this blog.

    Yesterday, someone asked me a quesiton about the Ads and although I am not even obliged to answer, I thought I will answer once and for all. And if replying to a question posed to you by someone means justification, then so be it. I have simply no time to play around with words. I've work to do, an objective to fulfill, and the work is pretty much.

    Going by what you have been saying, the way Osho gave some of his discourses is Justifying. I will try and explain it to you with the help of an analogy. You must be aware of how the American Government projected the beloved Master. And you must have read, as to what Osho had to tell about the then American Government. So, you mean Osho was justifying? Osho was lying?

    I know I sound arrogant, but this is the way it is and it is out of experience that I am this. I am not here to force people. I am doing what bloomed out of my naturality, now whoever takes it I am grateful to them and whoever doesn't I am grateful to them too. It is upto them, like it is upto you. You are entitled to your freedom and I am to mine.

    I am aware that Osho is not about groups but Meditation. I am also aware of Osho saying, 'The only relation that exists is between a Master and a Disciple.' There is no possible relation between one disciple and another. But then why the Osho centre in Pune and Delhi and other parts of the world? I am sure in the UK too you must be having one!

    Yes, going by what you have been trying to say, there is no need of group. But Osho, has also explained the importance of a group. When you meditate in a group, it helps you to become more aware of your ego. The collective group energy generated in the group helps you in your meditation. And that is why Osho has told in todays context it will be very difficult to meditate alone. But again that too is a choice.

    Moreover, I have gone through, the paper-magazines published by various Osho Foundations and Organizations. And I've seen advertisements there. So? Even if they hadn't been displaying Ads, I would have. It is something that bloomed in me and I am implementing it. And like I've written in the post, the day I feel like I am going wrong, I will end all this. Whenever a task is initiated, there will be likes and dislikes. You oppose my blog and there are people who like it. I hope you do get what I mean.

    Look, I would like to make it clear to you. I am pretty sure as to what I am heading for. And I was aware of the fact that there are going to be hurdles and obstruction all along the way. But I am also aware that when a Master like Osho had to face things like that, what big deal it is for me then? And I've clearly mentioned that.

    Lastly, I would like to know how often you meditate? Everyday? And also as to what really is your problem, the blog as a whole or just the Ads?

    Nothing against you mate. Simply answering, and please remember, answering doesn't mean justifying, always!

  4. Here's is an excerpt for you from Osho's 'A Cup Of Tea' :


    "Do not think of others and waste your time; really, that is a subtle and cunning way of the mind to escape from itself."


  5. u r doing great job ....don;t listen to other

  6. Thanks friend.. yes that's what I've been doing lately...

    Thank you all for your love and support...


    CoolDeep for OshoOnline

  7. this is the most useful and inspiring blog (at the same time, a rare combination) that i have found in years!

  8. Thank you friend...

    feedback like yours has always been the driving factor behind the success of this blog!!!

    OSHO Loveeeee ((♥))

  9. Who doesn't run ads these day? I read your blog on many occasions and I've certainly not been bothered and I hate commercials. Won't watch TV if there are commercials.

    Just say OMMmmmmmmmm!

    Can I put a link on my site to this one??


  10. thanks for the comment Carrie..

    I know you are one of the regular visitors to OSHO Online..

    for me even to call this blog 'my blog' is wrong.. OSHO is everybody's love.. whosoever has felt him and loved him.. and people like me.. are just a medium.. an interface. .and anybody can be his medium.. provided he|her she is open..

    U surely can link-back.. plz dont even ask... everything belongs to the master and his lovers.. to u, to me and all the OSHO-lovers..

    warm regards,

    OSHO ((<3))

  11. You just spread the word, what a bunch of idiots copyrighting Osho it's like trying to sell love in small plastic bags.
    It warms my heart that Osho had the same effect on you dear friend and I wish you well on your path.

  12. Thank you Mile for your lovely words.... ~OSHO♥