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11 DECEMBER 1931 AND 19 JANUARY 1990

I would like more and more writers, poets, film makers to steal as much as they can, because truth is not my property, I am not its owner. let it reach in any way, in anybody's name, in any form, but let it reach. Beyond Psychology#3 Q#2 : Osho

If you really want to know who I am, you have to be as absolutely empty as I am. Then two mirrors will be facing each other, and only emptiness will be mirrored: two mirrors facing each other. But if you have some idea, then you will see your own idea in me."

"Only that which cannot be taken away by death is real. Everything else is unreal, it is made of the same stuff dreams are made of." ~OSHO♥

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

IT DEPENDS ON YOU Whether My Religion Will Remain Alive Or Not

 IT DEPENDS ON YOU whether my religion will remain alive or not when I am gone. It depends on you. To a few it will be dead... to them it is dead now. To a few it will remain alive... to them it is alive now and it will be alive forever. So each one has to decide for himself.

IF WHEN I AM GONE, you feel that I am there to help you, I will be there to help you. If you feel I am no longer there to help you, naturally you have to choose another Master.

And I am saying that YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE RIGHT NOW. Why wait for that moment? I may not die so soon. People like me are unpredictable. I may die tomorrow or I may not die so soon. So don't depend on that. YOU JUST LISTEN TO YOUR OWN HEART. If your heart is growing with me, blooming, new foliage is coming, new buds are opening, then I am your Master. If it is not happening, then seek and search somewhere else with all my blessings.

Sufis: The People of the Path
Vol 1, Ch #16: A Lotus on the Lake of Emptiness
am in Buddha Hall

So remember, WHEN I AM GONE, YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LOSE ANYTHING. Perhaps you may gain something of which you are absolutely unaware.

Right now I am available to you only embodied, imprisoned in a certain shape and form. WHEN I AM GONE, WHERE CAN I GO? I will be here in the winds, in the ocean; and if you have loved me, if you have trusted me, you will feel me in a thousand and one ways. In your silent moments, you will suddenly feel my presence.

Once I am unembodied, my consciousness is universal. Right now you have to come to me. Then, you will not need to seek and search for me. Wherever you are... your thirst, your love... AND YOU WILL FIND ME IN YOUR VERY HEART, IN YOUR VERY HEARTBEAT.

Beyond Enlightenment
Ch #11: Harmony... The Birthplace of Love

So, alive, DANCE WITH ME, REJOICE WITH ME. When I am gone continue to DANCE AND REJOICE in remembrance of a man who gave you FREEDOM, who gave you INDIVIDUALITY. What else is there to bother about the future? Wherever I am -- somewhere I must be -- I WILL GO ON SHOWERING MY LOVE ON MY PEOPLE, and I know they will find ways to respond. But that is something very private; I cannot reveal it to a non-sannyasin.


THIS WORLD IS LIKE WAVES rising on the surface of the ocean, where no wave can say that it is not responsible for what happens to the rest of the waves. LIFE IS VERY COMPLEX; it is vast and deep. It is like an ocean of consciousness which is constantly creating waves.

If I say a word here and now, do you think it will die soon after it is uttered? No, I may not be here tomorrow, but THIS SINGLE WORD UTTERED BY ME WILL CONTINUE TO AFFECT THE WORLD 'TIL THE END OF TIME!

And if I don't say a word, if I remain silent, then my silence too will continue to affect the world endlessly.

WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for it when I am gone?

Krishna: The Man and His Philosophy
Ch #18: Non-attachment is Not Aversion

That's why I am talking on so many Masters: so you can remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON THE PATH. Many have succeeded before you. You will also succeed. If so many have succeeded, why not you? Many have preceded you and reached. You are not moving alone; many are ahead of you. It is a long procession of truth-seekers.YOU ARE PART OF A GREAT CHAIN. You may be a small drop, but you are part of a great river -- the river of Buddhas, of all the enlightened people of the world.

That's why I am talking about so many enlightened people: to give you courage, to give you confidence; to give you the sense that you are in a great chain, part of a golden chain, and you are not moving alone. THERE IS NO NEED TO BE AFRAID. You cannot be lost!



  1. Beautiful, beloved friend , you managed to continue!. Please contact me in private msg on Facebook, (Zora) ..Love!

  2. yes dear Zora... with OSHO the play never stops na :-) <3

    || OSHO ||