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11 DECEMBER 1931 AND 19 JANUARY 1990

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If you really want to know who I am, you have to be as absolutely empty as I am. Then two mirrors will be facing each other, and only emptiness will be mirrored: two mirrors facing each other. But if you have some idea, then you will see your own idea in me."

"Only that which cannot be taken away by death is real. Everything else is unreal, it is made of the same stuff dreams are made of." ~OSHO♥

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The meaning of Allaha by OSHO

[Prem means love, Allaha is a sufi name for God.]

Allaha is far more significant than the word 'God.' In fact no other word in any language of the world exists which is more important than this word. All other words used for God are at the most qualities of God. They are not as comprehensive as 'Allaha.' Allaha simply means existence. It contains all: it contains good, it contains bad; it contains life, it contains death. It is not a quality, but all the good qualities of the totality. And it does not mean existent, it means existence.

Man is an existent. God is existence Himself. To say 'God exists' is a tautology; it simply means 'existence exists.' It doesn't make sense. The tree exists, the man exists, the mountain exists, but not God. Existence is a quality of the mountain; with God it is the very spirit. The mountain exists today, tomorrow it may not exist. There was a time when it was not there; there will be a time when again it will not be there. God always is. You cannot use a past tense for God. It will be grammatically right but existentially wrong.

You cannot say 'God is.' That is the meaning of 'Allaha', that is-ness. So your whole name will mean: love, existence. And these are the two qualities to be evolved. One has to become more and more loving and one has to become more and more existent so that one can go beyond death, beyond birth, beyond the momentary, beyond the temporary; so one can become eternal. Love is the way, existence is the goal.

[A sannyasin, leaving, says: I would like to see through your window.] It is going to happen. Just remain courageous and don't waver. It is very close by but you can miss the Opportunity if you waver. And this is an opportunity that comes only once in many lives. It is not an every-day phenomenon; the window opens only once in a while. To come close to it and then to miss it would be sheer foolishness. But the mind is foolish and it can destroy any opportunity. The mind has some stake in destroying it, because to see through the window that I am, means that the mind disappears. Then you disappear as you are. Seeing through the window means disappearing as you are. Then the self cannot exist even for a single moment.

The self, the mind, the ego, will create all kinds of rationalisations not to look through the window. And sometimes they are such beautiful rationalisations, sometimes so spiritual-sounding, so appealing, so logical. that one simply has to accept them. To go against them means that one is going against spirituality. All the old scriptures say that the devil is very very clever in quoting scriptures, and when the devil quotes the scriptures one simply feels like following it. The ego can say 'Surrender to yourself'... but you don't know who you are! 'Surrender to the inner light'... but if you know the inner light, then there is no need for any surrender. But the words seem beautiful -- 'Surrender to the inner light.' It seems perfectly right and yet it is utter nonsense.

If the inner light is there you know about it; there is no need to surrender to anybody, not even to the inner light -- the thing has already happened. One is enlightened when one knows the inner light. Now this is a very clever trick of the mind...'Surrender to the inner light.' And it appeals, it feels perfectly right. Buddha has said so, I go on saying the same thing again and again. But how can you do it ? You don't know where the inner light is, you don't know what exactly this inner means. All that you know is outer. All knowledge is of the outer. The inner is just an idea in the mind. You have not come across it yet. Because whatsoever can be experienced will be, out of sheer necessity, outer. The inner cannot be experienced because the inner is you! There is no division, they are not two, so who is going to experience
whom? Whatsoever is experienced is outer, has to be outer. The very thing that it has been experienced proves that you are separate from it. The experiencer is separate from the experienced, the observer is separate from the observed.

So there is no such thing as spiritual experience. All experiences are psychic, psychological, subtle, the subtlest. Experiences of light, of energy, of expansion, of oneness with the universe, of meditation, of samadhi of enlightenment -- all experiences are of the psychological. When one goes beyond all experiences there is nobody to experience, there is nothing to experience. It is utter silence, soundlessness. It is absolute absence. There is nobody present in it, it is just space. That is the inner. But how can you surrender to it?

The window is close by -- just keep daring. And remain alert about the cunningness of the mind, the cleverness of the mind -- its rationalisations, explanations. And whenever I see that the time has come, you will pass through me. It cannot be forced, remember. Nothing should be done before its time, otherwise something goes wrong. A certain ripening is needed... and that is happening. That's why the mind is becoming more and more scared and afraid that the fruit is ripening and any moment it will fall of its own accord. Before it happens the mind will try to avoid any situation in which it can become more ripe. So just be alert.

I am working and I am aware of what has to be done and when. Just relax, stop fighting and resisting. Become a conductor, mm? -- that's the right word that electricians use. A right conductor of electricity is that element which does not resist its flow. When there is no resistance the metal is a beautiful conductor.
Become a conductor -- don't resist.

The window is ready; you just have to become ready. And it can happen any moment, it will happen anywhere; it is not needed that you have to be here. That is the whole purpose of sannyas -- that wherever you are I can become available to you. Physical presence is immaterial. It is helpful in the beginning but not essential. The window will follow you. Whenever you are ready you will suddenly find it there just close at hand.

[A sannyasin says: I was lying awake and I suddenly felt your presence very strongly. I felt carried away and finally I got afraid.]

Don't be afraid -- it will happen more and more now. Once it has happened, it becomes easier. Once I have contacted you, it becomes more and more easy. But don't be afraid; if you become afraid, you shrink back and you miss something that will be a transformation. So wait for it, desire it, long for it, and when it happens dance with joy, absorb it. Those are not the moments to be afraid; those are the moments to celebrate. If you celebrate you will become more and more available to me. If you can welcome it with a warm heart, with no fear, then it will go into you like an arrow. It will penetrate to the very core.

OSHO, The 99 Names of Nothingness

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