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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Prisms of Light :: Support a Cause

 Yes, not a video that has got anything to do directly with Beloved Master OSHO. But if you do know who OSHO Shailendra is (OSHO's younger brother) you will notice him at the start of the video making a very significant fact.

So, what's Prism of Light all about and why have I posted it here?

Well, the director of this short promotional video is Yolanda Barker who also happens to be my friend since the time I started blogging (a different blog though) almost 2 years ago. I liked the work she and her team have managed to put up and still continue to and so I  wanted to help her in any possible way that I could.

As to what Prisms of Light is all about, this is what Yolanda and her team have to say in their website:

"Every year, approximately two million people go to India on spiritual quests. What are they searching for?

In the East, they are called Seekers. In the West, they are labelled "Spiritual Junkies". Aged anywhere between 16 and 80, they roam in search of personal and spiritual understanding, often without the support of their loved ones or community.

'Prisms of Light' explores this growing phenomenon by focusing on people who are travelling through India on spiritual quests. Interwoven between them are a plethora of spiritual traditions, colourful characters, and chance encounters.

In 2009, Director Yolanda Barker and crew funded a research trip to India, where they shot the promo above. Over the last few months, we have been raising funds to go into production. But we need to get back to India in April for a major spiritual gathering. Time is running out."

So, in Yola's own words, "Do you think you could mention that we are trying to fundraise for the film, and that if it resonates with anyone, we would greatly appreciate any donation they could offer?

We have really struggled to elicit money from traditional funding bodies (apparently this film on spirituality doesn't have enough of an "angle" ;) ), and the budget that we have has been entirely raised from the donations of friends, family and strangers.

There is lots of info on our website about the different levels of donation and what we can offer in return.

Only if this resonates!"

So friends, if you liked the video and the objective behind Prism of Light and would like to contribute and help Yola and her team in their cause; then please visit their website and make a genorous contribution. The cumulative effect of your genorisity could possibly help someone to a greater extent for accomplishing their task at hand.

Thanking you all.

 Much love & regards,


CoolDeep for OshoOnline!

P.S: If any of you reading this happens to be a Western Seeker currently resding in India, kindly get in touch with Yola at She wants to converse to such seekers for her movie and possibly you could be of immense help to her.