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Monday, 1 February 2010

Love and Meditation - Osho

Love means the art of being with others. Meditation means the art of being with yourself.

Both are two aspects of the same coin. A person who does not know how to be with himself cannot truly relate with others, his relationship will be awkward, graceless, ugly, haphazard, accidental. One moment everything is going well and another moment everything is gone. It will always be going up and down; it will not gain depth. It will be very noisy. Certainly it will give you an occupation, but it will not have any melody to it, and it cannot take you to the heights of existence or depths of being, and vice versa: the person who is not capable of being with others, of relating, will find it very difficult to relate with himself, because the art of relating is the same: whether you relate with others or you relate with yourself does not make much difference, it is the same art.

Both these arts have to be learned together, simultaneously; they are inseparable. Be with people, and not unconsciously, but very consciously. Relate with people as if you are singing a song, as if you are playing on a flute; each person has to be thought as a musical instrument. Respect, love worship – because each person is a hidden face of God.

So be very careful, very attentive. Remember what you are saying, remember what you are doing. Just small things destroy relationships, and small things make relationships so beautiful. Sometimes just a smile, and the other’s heart is open to you; sometimes just a wrong look in your eyes, and the other is closed – it is a delicate phenomenon. Think of it as an art: just as the painter is very watchful of what he is doing to the canvas, each single stroke is going to make a lot of difference. A real painter can change the whole painting just by a single stroke.

A small boy was talking to another boy and he was saying, ”My father is a great painter, he is such an artist. Just the other day he was painting and he painted a very sad face, and I asked him ’Change it.’ And just a single stroke of his brush and the painting was totally changed; then the sad face started laughing.” The other boy said, “That’s nothing. My mother can do that very simply – just a hit and a laughing face starts crying!”

Life has to be learned as an art: very cautiously, very deliberately... So relationship with others has to become a mirror: see what you are doing, how you are doing it and what is happening.

What is happening to the other? Are you making their life more miserable? Are you giving them pain? Are you creating a hell for them? Then withdraw. Change your ways. Beautify life around yourself.

Let every person feel that the meeting with you is a gift: just being with you something starts flowing, growing, some songs start arising in the heart, some flowers start opening. And when you are alone then sit utterly silent, absolutely in silence, and watch yourself: watch your breathing; watch your thoughts, watch your memories, watch yourself in your totality without interfering – simple watching. And slowly watching one’s breathing, one’s thoughts, one’s memories, slowly slowly, great awareness explodes. One becomes full of light within. That is the art of meditation.

And remember both: just as the bird has two wings, let love and meditation be your two wings. Create a synchronicity between them, so they are not in any way in conflict with each other, but nursing each other, nurturing each other, helping each other. This is going to be your path: the synthesis between love and meditation.



  1. lovely and awakening. love is life..thats what we live for. let this words be in us...lets love and live.

  2. yes anand ji...

    you said it..

    lets love and live.. in love we breathe.. in love we die...

    :-> ♥♥♥♥

  3. Lovely post. I am really glad I chanced upon your blog, it has been enlightening. Bless you.

  4. i feel all's the divine will Gaia...

    thanks for resonating and sharing the vibes...

    with responses like yours i know the blog is serving its purpose...



  5. I have been reading your posts for a bit of time now...and I find them extremely real! And learning Osho not only through your site, but through the books I'm reading. I hope to be more involved and yes, thank you for the blog. It is serving a higher purpose! Is there a bio of you on here? Please point me in that direction!

    Om Shanti & thank you for all you do!

  6. Hi Carrie,

    Welcome & Thank you for your lovely comment.

    Good to know that you've been exploring Osho and Osho Online has been helping you in that. That's one of the main reason that I started this blog.

    Moreover its one of the little thing I can do to serve my beloved master who has shower such grace, love and blessings in my life.

    Will be glad if I can be of any help to you in your spiritual quest.

    Well, I've a blogger profile which I've not updated lately. You can have a look @:

    Om Shanti & thanks once again for your love & support.


    CoolDeep for OshoOnline

  7. the ultimate synthesis
    master of masters.....