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11 DECEMBER 1931 AND 19 JANUARY 1990

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If you really want to know who I am, you have to be as absolutely empty as I am. Then two mirrors will be facing each other, and only emptiness will be mirrored: two mirrors facing each other. But if you have some idea, then you will see your own idea in me."

"Only that which cannot be taken away by death is real. Everything else is unreal, it is made of the same stuff dreams are made of." ~OSHO♥

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Einstein the Buddha - OSHO

Man is entering into a new phase; a new consciousness is to dawn. For at least ten thousand years, as far as consciousness is concerned, nothing new has happened. There have been Buddhas and there have been Albert Einsteins, but we are still waiting for a Buddha who is also an Albert Einstein or an Albert Einstein who is also a Buddha. The day is coming closer and closer. Albert Einstein in his last days was very much interested in meditation, in religion. His last days were full of wonder. He said in his old age, "I used to think when I was young that sooner or later all the mysteries of existence would be solved, and I worked hard. But now I can say that the more we know, the more existence turns out to be mysterious. The more we know, the less we know and the more we become aware of the vastness...."

Science has not been able to demystify existence. Now this is recognized not by ordinary technicians but by geniuses, because they are the pioneers; they can see the dawn very close by, they are the prophets. Albert Einstein says that science has failed in demystifying existence, that on the contrary it has mystified things even more.

If Einstein had also been a buddha, there would have been atomic energy but no atom bombs, and atomic energy would have become a blessing -- the greatest blessing ever. The earth would have become a paradise. But Albert Einstein is not a buddha; unfortunately he knows nothing of meditation -- a great mind, but the master is missing; a great mechanism, a great airplane without the pilot.

The religious man is again one-dimensional, just as the scientist is. Albert Einstein is one-dimensional, so is Gautama the Buddha. And because the East has become one-dimensionally religious it has suffered much. And now the West is suffering much, and the cause is one-dimensionality. The West is bankrupt as far as the inner world is concerned and the East is bankrupt as far as the outer world is concerned.

I propose the fourth way. The true man will be all three simultaneously: he will be a scientist, an artist, and religious. And I call the fourth man the spiritual man.

When I say this, that the whole man will be all the three together, please don't take me literally. One need not be literally a scientist and yet one can be whole -- but his approach will be scientific. He may not be an Albert Einstein, or a Newton, or an Edison. Buddha is not an Albert Einstein, but still his scientific approach is there: he is utterly scientific in his approach. He will not allow any superstition. He will not allow any illogical approaches. He will be very logical -- although he will lead you beyond logic! but he will lead you very logically, step by step, with a method.

I would like you to be enriched by Newton, Edison, Eddington, Rutherford, Einstein; and I would like you also to be enriched by Buddha, Krishna, Christ, Mohammed, so that you can become rich in both the dimensions -- the outer and the inner. Science is good as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough -- and it cannot go. I am not saying that it can go and it does not go. No, it CANNOT go into the interiority of your being. The very methodology of science prevents it from going in. It can go only outwards, it can study only objectively; it cannot go into the subjectivity itself. That is the function of religion.
The society needs science, the society needs religion. And if you ask me what should be the first priority -- science should be the first priority. First the outer, the circumference, then the inner -- because the inner is more subtle, more delicate.
Science can create the space for real religion to exist on the earth.

Just think of a man who is an Albert Einstein and a Gautam Buddha both. Just meditate on that possibility -- that IS possible. In fact if Albert Einstein had lived a little longer, he would have turned into a mystic. He had started thinking about the inner, he was becoming interested in the inner mystery. How long can you remain interested in the outer mystery? If you are really interested in mystery then sooner or later you will stumble upon the inner too.
My concept is of a world which is neither Eastern nor Western, neither inner nor outer, neither extrovert nor introvert -- which is balanced, which is whole.

If Einstein had been born in Buddha's time he would have been another Buddha, for the simple reason that that was the only challenge for a man like him. Mathematics was done by mediocre people, and they were doing perfectly well. There was no need for an Albert Einstein to get caught in a mediocre game. No, he would have moved in the same way as Buddha or Mahavira. All the best people were attracted towards religion; that's why religion touched the pinnacles of height.



  1. Wow, m beloved Master.. Such a beautiful concept.. You indeed have shown me the way.. since the time you have heralded in my life..

    thank you thank you... for bringing this eternal sweetness in my life...

  2. i some where read concentration is the first stage of meditation.but osho said concentration has nothing to do with meditation.

    could u pls clarify this with suitable post?

  3. Hi Sreejith Ji,

    Hmm.. Mediation is all about relaxation... where as concentration is about focus.. about effort.. Yeah.. in meditation too there are effort... but the end result is relaxation.. rejuvenation... But when you have a concentrated effort.. the end result is fatigue...



  4. Hi Cooldeep, I have read and interpreted your earlier post, I feel that my boy's concept of God is the same. He mentioned in the post I just posted about 'medals'.

    Also what do you of Osho would think about persons who tell the future, like Nostradamus? I am curious.

  5. Hi Gaia,

    I just read your post on 'Medals.' I agree with your son's notion about God. And remember that it is a pure notion spoken by an innocent child. Yes, God is within us.. but just like me.. with most of us it is only a 'spoken notion.' To utter the statement from the mouth is one thing and to realize and feel it is another thing.. And like Osho says, that is only possible through meditation.

    If you want to know Osho's perspective on Nostradamus, you can watch his video on youtube @:

    As for myself, I've never really bothered about Notradamus. For I've never bothered much about my future.. For me since the time I've realized the essence of the present.. of the NOW.. of this moment. I've made every effort to live in the NOW.. Like Osho says.. the truth is not 'nowhere' on the contrary it is 'Now-Here'... now and here.. yes Gaia right here...

    Lately a few months back, I've heard this queer news doing the round in the Indian medai... saying 'The worlds gonna end in Dec 21, 2012.' First of all I find this news completely stupid... Because a decade back.. just when we were about to reach the millenium.. I'd heard similar news...And as for me I don't even care if this news is true and the world ends.. What if I die before that date... So say, even I die before that time.. at leat let me enjoy whatever little time's left.. I don't want to waste my today worrying about the tomorrow that hasn't still come...

    So, for me the only thing that matters is this moment.. and this adage holds very true...

    "Take care of your today... and the tomorrow will take care of itself."

    Love & God bless...

    P.S: Also, I've commented on your single mom poem.. do check it :)

  6. Hey thanks for the response. I agree years back they said the same thing, the only difference is now we see it slowly happening with the wars, floods etc... Will catch that video I am just curious about their perspective, even the church's.

    And yes I saw your comment on my 'poem'. Appreciate it. Bless you.