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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Written and Created Destiny!

Call it ' Destiny ' or call it ' Fate '. Call it what you want! Most of us might even contradict the whole affair. I will neither say that I am right or wrong. I leave that for you to decide, but this is something I've written out of sheer experience and realization. With some brief examples and case-study I'll try my best and make you aware of the message I am trying to convey about this beautiful facet of life, which might once again help you realize another aspect about the " Essence of Life ", which is my sole objective.

While studying here in Bangalore, many times I have heard my friends saying, our life is all set and planned, even before we have entered this world. Sometimes, when my friends fail in their semester examinations, they say it is the will of God, it was all planned. Well I could have understood the fact, that had my friend studied and gave his best efforts and still failed, perchance even if destinies were ever written, then perchance he was destined to fail. But what if this same friend of mine does not study the whole semester, ignoring his onus towards his academics and fails, can he still say that it was written in his destiny to fail? Well, now some of my friends, reading this article might point out that perhaps it was written in his destiny to be irresponsible towards his studies. Well that indeed is a valid point. But patience my friend. I'll explain it all to you; before you draw the final conclusion :)
Like initially, I mentioned that I have realized that that there are two kinds of destinies. Now, I'll try and create a clear picture for you of the two aforementioned destinies.

First with " Written Destiny":

You were born in USA, some country in Europe, Asia or Africa to a particular family. You had no option to chose your parents, family, color and race. I believe such things can be associated with " Written Destiny". Just keep it in your mind that I have mentioned the phrase - " no option. "

Now something about " Created Destiny":

Once again let me take you to the case of my friend who fails in his semester examinations. I have mentioned before that he had all the time in the world to study, but being irresponsible towards his studies he fails. Which mean that - he had the option to study; yet he did not? Now can we say that it was a " Written Destiny" ?

So did you get my points, my friends? I am sure by now you must have got a clear picture of the message I am trying to convey.

Yes, that is what I realized sometimes back. I realized that even if there was something called as " Destiny(s) " in life, then at the minimum there are two types of " Destinies ". Instances in life where you do not have an option to make, that I call it as " Written Destiny ". And instances where you have options to make I call it as " Created Destiny ", irrespective of the result of your instances. I have used the phrase " at the minimum here ", cause at the moment these are the two possibilities that life has whispered to me. If life has whispered to you some more possibilities I would be happy to be aware of them as well. So, please don't hesitate to post it.

So whatever be the case my friend, whether you have been born in a poor family, handicapped or any major incident that occurred in your life where you had no choice or option to make or take, then accept it. For believe me, everything in life has a reason. Whatever God made you he had a reason to it. But the problem is that nobody ones to become themselves, the way God wanted them to become. Almost every body wants to become like somebody. And that is the point, and it indeed is a turning point, the deciding point, where you miss. Even if you look at the past, all rich men of today, at once instances started from ground zero. So many handicapped people have touched that zenith of life, where our so-called normal people have even failed to touch the feet of the peak these people have reached. For, instance take Bill Gates for example. So far since the past fifteen years he has been ranked as the richest man in the world. Look at the Google guys, they first hosted their server from a garage. All these people were not super rich from the day they were born. And now look where they have reached. Look at Helen Keller, she was a born-retard and a handicapped and you all must be well aware of what she made up of her life. Stephen Hawkins, he is called one of the most intelligent man in the whole world, and he is a handicap. I have heard John Milton wrote one of his most beautiful poems after he became blind. Beethoven composed one of his best symphonies after he became deaf. Phew!!! I guess that will be enough to quench your thirst and boost you up.

God has sent you in this world with an objective. Not just to go to school, get a degree, marry,procreate, grow up you children, perchance become grandparents and eventually die. There is something more to life. To realize this objective is one of the most important discovery towards realizing the " Essence of your Life ". It is all up to you. The choice is yours. And believe me when I say this to you, it is out of my own experience - " Seek and You'll find. "And always remember the only person that can stop you is you. Rest all are excuses. God never does any kind of partiality. Each moment he is giving each and everyone of us infinite opportunities. Cause if God were to be partial, then he cannot be God. He is human. Only humans are partial and political. Helen Keller herself has told " In life when one door of happiness closes, another one immediately opens. But often we get so lost and absorbed in our sorrows and problems, we fail to see the one which has opened ( which of course is futile ), cause when has worrying helped anybody? So, it's up to you my friend, as to whether you just want to go on complaining and nagging about the things you got and the ones you didn't get like a baby and remain like a baby your whole life. Or, now you say - " Enough of all these nonsense! If the only thing that can stop me is me, then at least I want stop myself. Rest I will face it, come what may. "

The choice is yours :)



  1. cool deep, i would like to hear abt destiny and fate from OshO , if you find any article on it , please post them.

  2. Hi my Anonymous friend,

    Firstly thank you so much for visiting Osho Online and posting a comment.

    Well, you asked for it and the Divine heeded to your call... hmm.... isn't that interesting... how much the Divine loves us and cares for us...

    Check the home page. I've tried and searched for the article you have sought for. I hope it's the one you were looking for.

    Take care.



  3. Dear fellow traveler CoolDeep,

    You have almost filled my eyes with tears with such Quick response on posting the article i requested for.

    Am much thankful to you and the divine.

    Let the momentum continue....


  4. Beloved friend,

    All's the will of the divine... Didn't I tell you the divine Loves you.. And He Loves you a lot... :) I've done nothing.. All's is his wish and command... And to honour his wish is the greatest bliss...

    What more can I say.. your tears in turn.. nourished me.. washed away all my grievance and pain...

    Yes.. let the momentum continue my friend...



    P.S: Please feel absolutely free and easy to knock on my door if you feel that I can be of some help to you...

  5. Hi Cooldeep,
    I dont agree with "You had no option to chose your parents"...
    I think that soul choses thier parents..I have four year old daughter...from Birth I am watching her...I can tell one thing that she has chosen my family because its matching with her style or her taste...she try always new way,very impaitent like me...
    so its upto the individual to chose wht he/she likes...conciously or unconciously..


  6. Hello Kuldeep g, This is a wonderful article....
    i liked it soooo much. thnx 4 posting it..

    Can we call "Created Destiny " as our "karma" of this life, which will reflect as written destiny in next birth of ours??

    I mean, this life's created destiny will be written destiny of next life?
    is it like this?

  7. Hi @numisha Ji,

    thank you for your feedback.... I'd penned it about 3 years back while I was actively writing and involved with various US blogs and websites.... and then one day I got bored or may be busy with my work and I stopped.....

    Who else than our beloved OSHO Ji to answer the question you've posed me.... so here's the link.. kindly copy and paste it on your browser...

    & thank you once again for visiting OSHO Online time and again...

    hope you're doing good... take care...

    warm regards,

    Kuldeep :))