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11 DECEMBER 1931 AND 19 JANUARY 1990

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If you really want to know who I am, you have to be as absolutely empty as I am. Then two mirrors will be facing each other, and only emptiness will be mirrored: two mirrors facing each other. But if you have some idea, then you will see your own idea in me."

"Only that which cannot be taken away by death is real. Everything else is unreal, it is made of the same stuff dreams are made of." ~OSHO♥

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Sanyas or Disciplehood: The True Suicide




The minister, who got himself a little mixed up now and again, was standing over the open casket of the dearly departed, Joe Hall.
"Our friend Joe Hall is not dead," he orated. "Only the shell is here to be buried; the nut has departed."
Why should you think of a suicide? Are you a nut or something?
If you have become a sannyasin (disciple) you have already committed suicide. Sannyas is a suicide - the real one. It is not destroying the body, because destroying the body is not going to help; you will be immediately born again somewhere in some other womb. It will only be renewing the body; it is not real suicide. Sannyas is real suicide, because it destroys the mind, it takes you beyond the mind.And if you are beyond the mind you will not be born again.Why be born again and again? Why go on this vicious circle?

I know you are bored with life. If you are really bored, then meditation is the way, not suicide - because suicide will bring you to the SAME life, maybe an uglier life than you have right now, because suicide will create its own ugliness in you. To commit suicide is such an ungrateful act towards God. He gave you life as an opportunity to grow, and you throw away the opportunity.

And unless you grow, unless you grow and become a Buddha (one who has known himself, the enlightened one), you will be thrown back to life again and again. Million of times it has happened before: it is time you should become aware. Don't miss this opportunity.

Being here with me, learn the real art of suicide. The real art consists not in destroying the body... the body is beautiful, the body has not done any wrong. It is the ugly mind. The body is beautiful, the soul is beautiful, but between the body and the soul there is something which is neither body nor soul. This in-between phenomenon is the mind.

Lusty for Life Commit Suicide

It is the mind that goes on dragging you back to the womb. When you die, if you commit suicide you will be thinking of life. Committing suicide means you are thinking of life. You are bored, fed up with life; you would like a totally different kind of life, that's why you are committing suicide - not that you are really against life. This life you are against. May be you don't want to be the way you are: you would like to be an Alexander, a Napoleon, an Adolph Hitler; maybe you want to be the richest man in the world, and you are not. This life has failed, and you would like to be famous, successful - destroy it!

People commit suicide not because they are really finished with life but because life is not fulfilling their demands. But no life ever fulfills anybody's demands. You will always go on missing something or other: if you have money you may not be beautiful; if you are beautiful you may not be intelligent; if you are intelligent, you may not have money...

People think that those who commit suicide are against life - they are not. They are too lusty for life, they have great lust for life; and because life is not fulfilling their lust,in anger, in despair, they destroy themselves.

Transcending the Mind

Prashant, I will teach you the right way to commit suicide. Not the destruction of the body; the body is a beautiful gift from God; the mind is a conditioning by the society. The soul is a gift, the body is a gift, and sandwiched between the two, the society has played tricks with you: it has created your mind. It gives you ambition,it gives you jealousy, competition, violence,it gives you all kinds of ugly diseases.But this mind can be transcended, this mind can be put aside. This mind is not a must.
I am sitting before you and I say it through my own experience, I say it on my own authority: that mind can be put aside. It is so simple, you just have to know the knack of it.

And remember, whenever I say that I say it on my own authority I am not saying that I say it AUTHORITATIVELY. Those two experiences are totally different. When something is said AUTHORITATIVELY it is a commandment; you have to believe in. If you don't believe in it you will suffer, here or hereafter. The priest speaks with authoritativeness.

A realized man speaks not with authoritativeness but on his own authority - because he KNOWS it. I am not saying follow me, I am not saying believe in me. I am simply stating a fact: that I have known it this way, it has happened to me... it can happen to you.

Life is very precious and the greatest treasure is hidden in it - and that treasure is of becoming a witness...
Transform your life, Prashant, into a quest. Question the values that you have accepted. Question all that you have been brought up to believe in. Question the way you have been lived up to now. Question your mechanicalness, question your robot like existence.

Yes, something drastic has to be done, but it is not suicide. It won't help, it won't change you; you will be back again in another womb somewhere. Millions of stupid couples are making love every moment. Beware! You will be caught in some net somewhere. And you will get only what you deserve, remember; you can't get more than you deserve. You get the womb that is right for you.

And dying in suicide is dying in such anguish, because it is one of the most unnatural things to do, most abnormal things to do. No animals commit suicide, no tree ever commits suicide - only man. Only man can go that insane. Nature knows nothing of suicide; it is man's invention. It is the most ugly act. And when you do something to yourself you cannot hope that you will get a better life. You will die in an ugly state of mind and you will enter an uglier womb.

Upsurge the Quest

But what is the need to commit suicide?Just question: you must have lived in a wrong way, that's why life has not become a song. You must have lived foolishly, stupidly, unintelligent; that's why life has not attained to celebration. You cannot dance with joy with the stars and with the flowers and with the wind and with the rain, because you have lived with wrong kinds of ideas imposed on you by the same kind of people as you are.

It is a perpetual phenomenon; stupidity goes on perpetuating itself. Parents go on giving their stupidity to their children and the children in their turn will hand over their stupidity to THEIR children. This is the heritage. This is called tradition, heritage, culture... great names!

Question all that you have lived without questioning up to now, and your life will have a new intelligence arising in it. Your life will become more sharp...

Ezra Pound is right. And do you know from where he is writing this? From his death-cell! "Out of all this beauty something must come." Ezra Pound in a dark cell, just waiting for death to come, can write such tremendously important sutra: "Out of all this beauty something must come." The birds singing, and the trees, and the flowers.... this infinite universe - is it the place to commit suicide? It is the place to dance, to sing, to celebrate, to love and to be loved.

And if you can love this existence, if you can feel blessed with this existence, I promise you that when you die you will not be coming back again... because you will have learn the lesson. God never sends anybody back to the school if once they have learn their lessons. If you can learn to rejoice, you will be accepted. Doors of higher mysteries will be opened to you. You will be welcomed into the innermost mysteries of life. That's what I call the true art of committing suicide: my name for it is sannyas (disciplehood).

-OSHO, Be Still & Know, Chp#10, Q.3

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