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11 DECEMBER 1931 AND 19 JANUARY 1990

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If you really want to know who I am, you have to be as absolutely empty as I am. Then two mirrors will be facing each other, and only emptiness will be mirrored: two mirrors facing each other. But if you have some idea, then you will see your own idea in me."

"Only that which cannot be taken away by death is real. Everything else is unreal, it is made of the same stuff dreams are made of." ~OSHO♥

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

OSHO: Nacho, Gao, Dhyan Mein Dubo [Hindi Video|Discourse] - Translated

This is a Hindi Video Discourse of Osho titled "Dance, Sing, Dissolve in Meditation.." I've translated this video for the benefit of my Non-Hindi speaking friends and sannyasins. To read my translation in other language than English please, use the Google Translator, available, at the top-left of the blog.

Be blissful, share your bliss and remember only those who are filled with happiness can share their happiness. A miserable person can share his-her misery; we can only share, what we have. That we don't have, even if we want to, we will not be able to share. And that is why in this world, it's not that people actually don't want to share their happiness.... Which parents would want to give misery to their child? Which wife would want to trouble her husband? And which children would like to trouble their parents?

No.... it's not a question of your wanting! In spite of your wanting, it is misery that is going to fructify. The Neem may wish for a hundred thousand times to bear sweet mangoes; and the thorns may wish for a hundred thousand times to blossom into a rose; but what will wishing and wanting do? Nothing is going to happen, just by your wishing and wanting. So, even though you would want to make people around you happy, on the contrary you will be making them sad only. You would want the earth to become heaven, but everyday it will go on becoming hell.

That is why I would like to tell you... This is my message.... Before you go to share someone your bliss, you would have to play the flute of bliss within yourself first. The waterfall of bliss has to sprout in you first......

I want to make you selfish. This word 'selfish' (here Osho uses the word 'Swa-arth') is very dear. It has become dirty, people have given it wrong meanings... 'Swa-arth' means 'the meaning-of the self,' the one who knows the meaning of the inner self, the one who knows the essence of 'Swa,' he-she is 'Swa-arthi' or selfish. I tell you to become selfish or swarthi, because of your becoming swarthi there is a possibility of you becoming 'pa-rarth' or prayer.

If you become 'swarthi' or selfish completely and within you unfolds the flowers of 'arth' or self, within you glows the light of bliss.... the sea of nectar gushes..... then it is inevitable that there will be 'pa-rarth' from you. That is why I do not teach service, I teach 'swarth.'

I am not telling you to serve anybody.... Because you will not be able to serve... Even if you serve there will be mistake... You will go to serve and cause harm and return... You would want to create and there will be destruction. When you are wrong, whatsoever you do will be wrong. That is why I do not give much insistence on your actions.... My insistence is in you. What you do is inconsequential, what you are is important.

You are blissful. And to become blissful, there is one way and only one way, never was there another alternative, it isn't there today, it will never be.... Besides MEDITATION, there is no other alternative.

There is no bliss with wealth. Yes, if a meditator has wealth, even with that wealth he-she can be blissful. There is no bliss with palaces, but if a meditator resides in a palace, he-she will find bliss there . Even if a meditator resides in a hut, that hut too becomes a palace for him-her....... Even if a meditator is in hell, there too he-she will find heaven. There is no method to send a meditator to hell. Where ever he-she is, that becomes heaven for him-her; because every moment from his-her within heaven is evolving. From his-her within, the rays of the heaven are spreading everywhere. Like the way the flowers bloom in the trees, in the same way heaven blooms in a meditator.

My message is.... dissolve in meditation .... and don't think that Meditation is a serious act... A big mistake has occurred by considering Meditation to be a serious affair. Consider Meditation to be light and lively. Take it as a play.

"Laugh, play, and meditate.." Remember these words of Gorakhnath. Laugh, play and meditate..... Don't make a serious face, making your body rigid, sad and religious (you do understand that these are intended puns by Osho) and sit to meditate. The earth is filled with these kinds of corpses. Such people are already sad and serious. And you try and become more serious and sad... Forgive me... Most people are already dead while they have been living.. Now the earth can't bear anymore of such corpses....

Now what the world needs is meditators who can sing and dance...... Now the world needs such a religion whose central voice is Bliss and Celebration.....


P.S: Being a Nepali myself, I've tried to translate the beloved Master's discourse as per the level of my understanding. If anybody would like an alteration to better the translation, please free to notify.


  1. Thank you, so much for translation and your care for non- Hindi speaking osho lovers !

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    My pleasure.. to be in the service of the Beloved Master and his Lovers.


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