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11 DECEMBER 1931 AND 19 JANUARY 1990

I would like more and more writers, poets, film makers to steal as much as they can, because truth is not my property, I am not its owner. let it reach in any way, in anybody's name, in any form, but let it reach. Beyond Psychology#3 Q#2 : Osho

If you really want to know who I am, you have to be as absolutely empty as I am. Then two mirrors will be facing each other, and only emptiness will be mirrored: two mirrors facing each other. But if you have some idea, then you will see your own idea in me."

"Only that which cannot be taken away by death is real. Everything else is unreal, it is made of the same stuff dreams are made of." ~OSHO♥

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Just Be Responsible To Yourself - Osho

Just be responsible to yourself. Do whatsoever you feel like doing. If it is wrong, the punishment will immediately follow. If it is right, the reward will follow immediately, instantly; there is no other way. In this way you will start finding what is wrong, what is right on your own. You will grow a new sensitivity - Indians call it the third eye. You will start seeing a new vision, a new eye. Instantly you will know what is wrong, because in the past so many times you have done it and always suffered in consequence. You will know what is right, because whenever you did existence showered great blessings on you. Cause and effects are together, they are not separated by years and lives..

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

An Expert Is Anyone From Out Of Town - OSHO


- Sarito, it seems you are from Texas. Nobody has ever heard that any Texan has become enlightened, so it is a very faraway possibility. Texan and enlightened? -- it has never been heard!

Moreover, if by being a sannyasin you have dropped the idea of these stupid divisions of nations, states, races, religions, and you have become simply a human being, an inhabitant of this whole beautiful planet, you may become enlightened. But certainly I will not send you to Texas, because there is a famous rule of Mars: An expert is anyone from out of town. In Texas nobody is going to hear you. I will send you somewhere else.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Market-Place Is The Test Of All Your Meditations - OSHO


- You are overdoing it, sir. You have to choose one meditation. One is enough. Five is too much. Of course you will feel happy because you have nothing else to do. And if the family is worried it is natural, they are right too.

A big Yorkshire farmer found it necessary to go to London for several months and decided to leave one of his best workers in charge. 'I want you to take care of things, Harry, as if I were here myself. Understand' Harry nodded.
Four months later the boss farmer returned to find everything in shape. Said Harry, pointing things out, "The chicks have been laying plenty of eggs, the wheat has grown double strong, the vegetables are better than they've ever been, and as for those monthly spells your wife used to have, I've even got those to stop.'

This is doing too much. This is going too far.

You please come to one meditation. It will be difficult, I know, after three years. You should have asked before. It will be difficult to go back to the world and to work and you will find it a little hard, but it has to be done. I am not teaching you any escapism here -- this is escapism because now you are not doing anything else.

You are dropping all your responsibilities and I am not for that. Those responsibilities have to be fulfilled -- fulfilled with great joy. Your wife, your children, your parents, your old father, your old mother, need you. That is where God has put you -- into a certain responsibility. Fulfill it.

I am against all those escapists who escape from the world and become twenty-four-hour-a-day meditators. I am against them, I am utterly against them. One hour of meditation is enough. Meditation is such a powerful thing that one hour out of twenty four hours is enough. It will illuminate your whole life.

And the test of whether your meditation is succeeding or not is in life. When you meditate and you go to the shop you will know whether you are succeeding in your meditation or not. Are you still as greedy in the shop as you used to be before? Do you still get angry when somebody says something against you?

Can people still manage to push your buttons as easily as before? In the market-place is the test of all your meditations.

If you just do meditations and nothing else that is like preparing and preparing and never going to the examination. That is not right. The test has to be there every day -- one hour meditation, twenty-three hours test. And you will grow strong.


Thanks to Bodhi from Facebook for providing us with this note. You can check more of his notes @:

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Full Moon Night Is The Best For Meditation - Osho

Sannyasins should use the time of night more and more for meditation. You can go deeper, and easily, because the winds are blowing that way; you can move with the winds with less effort. In the day you are moving against the winds. In the day active meditations are good; dynamic meditation is good in the day, dancing meditation is good in the day. But in the night vipassana, silent meditations, just sitting and doing nothing, just relaxing because the whole atmosphere is relaxing.... The sun has gone down, the trees have fallen asleep; it is a totally different quality of energy that surrounds you in the night. It is easy to meditate.
Buddha says: THE MASTER SHINES IN MEDITATION in the night.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Sir Ken Robinson asks "Do schools kill creativity?" [video]

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Why Do People Judge? - Osho

Why do people judge?

Why do people judge, why are people so interested in gossiping about others, in finding fault with others, in looking into others' loopholes and defects?

The mind tends to discuss the defects of others. It helps the ego to feel good. Everybody is such a sinner; when everybody is such a sinner, comparatively one feels like a saint. When everybody is doing wrong, it feels good that "At least I am not doing that much wrong."

Hence people talk about others' defects; not only do they talk about them, they go on magnifying them. That's why there is so much joy in gossiping. When the gossip passes from one hand to another hand, it becomes richer. And when it passes back again, something will be added to it. By the evening, if you come to know the gossip that you started in the morning, you will be surprised. In the morning it was just a molehill, now it is a mountain. People are very creative, really creative and inventive.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Steal more and more from me... Osho

I would like more and more writers, poets, film makers to steal as much as they can, because truth is not my property, I am not its owner. let it reach in any way, in anybody's name, in any form, but let it reach.

Beyond Psychology#3 Q#2 : Osho

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

At Least Make Yourself Happy - OSHO

If you really want to be happy you have to remain young, alive, available to crying, laughter, available to all dimensions, flowing all over, streaming. Then you will remain happy. But remember, you will not get any sympathy. People may throw rocks at you, but that is worth it. People may think that you are irreligious, they may condemn you, they may call names to you, but don't be worried about it. It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is your happiness.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Not Just Men, Even Women Are Polygamous. Keep Freedom As A Higher Value Than Love Itself - OSHO


Neelam, there are many things in your question. First, you have a misunderstanding about man's nature.

You think, as many people in the world think, that man is polygamous, and the woman is monogamous... that the woman wants to live with one man, to love one man, to devote and dedicate herself totally to one man, but man is different in nature -- he wants to love other women too, at least, once in a while.

The reality is: both are polygamous. The woman has been conditioned by man for thousands of years into thinking that she is monogamous. And man is very cunning; he has exploited the woman in many ways. One of the ways is: he has been telling her that man is, by nature, polygamous. All the psychologists, all the sociologists are agreed upon the fact that man is polygamous; and none of them says the same thing about woman.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Celebrating Osho.. and his Divine Love and Blessings

11 DECEMBER 1931 AND 19 JANUARY 1990

Thursday, 10 December 2009

You Are Here Because Existence Needs You - Osho

You are here because this existence needs you as you are. Otherwise somebody else would have been here! – the existence would not have helped you to be here, would not have created you. You are fulfilling something very essential, something very fundamental, AS YOU ARE.

And your so-called mahatmas go on teaching you, ”Become a Buddha, become a Christ, become a Krishna.” Nobody tells you just to be yourself. Why should you become a Buddha? If God wanted a Buddha he could have produced as many Buddhas as he wanted. He produced only one Buddha, and that was enough. And he was satisfied to his heart’s desire, utterly satisfied. Since then he has not produced another Buddha or another Christ. He has created you instead. Just think of the
respect that the universe has given to you. You have been chosen! – not Buddha, not Christ, not Krishna.

You will be needed more, that’s why. YOU fit more now. Their work is done, they contributed their fragrance to existence. Now you have to contribute YOUR fragrance. But the moralists, the puritans, the priests, they go on teaching you, they go on driving you crazy. They say to the rose, ”Become a lotus.” And they say to the lotus, ”What are you doing here? You have to become something else.” They drive the whole garden crazy, everything starts dying – because nobody can be anybody else, that is not possible. The rose is a rose and the lotus is a lotus. And the lotus is good as a lotus, it can live only as a lotus. If it tries to be a rose it will die, it will become paralyzed – that is not possible because that is not intrinsic to it; that cannot arise.
And if the lotus really becomes a victim of the priests and starts trying to be a rose, or the rose tries to be a lotus, what is going to happen? The lotus will become pseudo; as a lotus it will start dying, and as a rose it will pretend.
That’s what has happened to humanity. Everybody is pretending. Authenticity is lost, truth is lost, everybody is trying to show that he is somebody else. Just look at yourself: you are pretending to be somebody else. And you can be only yourself – there is no other way, there has never been, there is no possibility that you can be anybody else. You will remain yourself. You can enjoy it and bloom, or you can wither away if you condemn it."

Take it Easy, volume 2

When I Say 'Freedom', I Mean Be Responsible - Osho

People go on talking about freedom, but they don't want freedom exactly, they want irresponsibility.

They ask for freedom, but deep down, unconsciously, they ask for irresponsibility, licence.

Freedom is maturity; licence is very childish. Freedom is possible only when you are so integrated that you can take the responsibility of being free. The world is not free because people are not mature.

Revolutionaries have been doing many things down through the centuries, but everything fails. Utopians have been continuously thinking of how to make man free, but nobody bothers -- because man cannot be free unless he is integrated. Only a Buddha can be free, a Mahavira can be free, a Christ, a Mohammed can be free, a Zarathustra can be free, because freedom means the man now is aware. If you are not aware then the state is needed, the government is needed, the police is needed, the court is needed. Then freedom has to be cut from everywhere. Then freedom exists only in name; in fact it doesn't exist. How can freedom exist when governments exist? -- it is impossible. But what to do?

If governments disappear, there will simply be anarchy. Freedom will not come in if governments disappear, there will simply be anarchy. It will be a worse state than it is now. It will be sheer madness. The police are needed because you are not alert. Otherwise, what is the point of having a policeman standing on the crossroad? If people are alert, the policeman can be removed, will have to be removed, because it is unnecessary. But people are not conscious.

So when I say 'freedom', I mean be responsible. The more responsible you become, the more free you become; or, the more free you become, the more responsibility comes on you. Then you have to be very alert to what you are doing, what you are saying. Even about your small unconscious gestures you have to be very alert -- because there is nobody else to control you, it is only you. When I say to you that you are free, I mean that you are a God. It is not licence, it is tremendous discipline.


Sunday, 6 December 2009

The Difference Between Reacting & Responding [Osho]

Osho - React from awareness

Osho : Every person is carrying such a mysterious being but the being is closed to you. Every person can become the door for the divine, any ordinary person is extraordinary. Just behind the surface the mysterious is hidden, but you need a key to open it. And that key is moment-to-moment alert response. Not reaction –response. Reaction is always dead; you do something because he has done something. Response is totally different.

I will tell you one anecdote.

Buddha was passing through a village. The people of that village were against him, against his philosophy, so they gathered around him to insult him. They used ugly words, vulgar words. Buddha listened. Ananda, Buddha’s disciple who was with him, got very angry, but he couldn’t say anything because Buddha was listening so silently, so patiently, rather as if he was enjoying the whole thing.

Then even the crowd became a little frustrated because he was not getting irritated and it seemed he was enjoying. Buddha said, ”Now, if you are finished, I should move – because I have to reach the other village soon. They must be waiting just as you were waiting for me. If you have not told me all the things that you thought to tell me, I will be coming back within a few days, then you can finish it.”

Somebody from the crowd said, ”But we have been insulting you, we have insulted you. Won’t you react? Won’t you say something?”

Buddha said, ”That is difficult. If you want reaction from me, then you are too late. You should have come at least ten years ago, because then I used to react. But I am now no longer so foolish. I see that you are angry, that’s why you are insulting me. I see your anger, the fire burning in your mind. I feel compassion for you. This is my response – I feel compassion for you. Unnecessarily you are troubled.

”Even if I am wrong, why should you get so irritated? That is not your business. If I am wrong I am going to hell, you will not go with me. If I am wrong I will suffer for it, you will not suffer for it. But it seems you love me so much and you think about me and consider me so much that you are so angry, irritated. You have left your work in the fields and you have come just to say a few things to me. I am thankful.”

Just when he was leaving he said, ”One thing more I would like to say to you. In the other village I left behind, a great crowd just like you had come there and they had brought many sweets just as a present for me, a gift from the village. But I told them that I don’t take sweets. They took the sweets back. I ask you, what will they do with those sweets?”

So somebody from the crowd said, ”What will they do? It is easy, there is no need to answer. They will distribute them in the village and they will enjoy.”

So Buddha said, ”Now what will you do? You have brought only insults and I say I don’t take them. What will you do? I feel so sorry for you. You can insult me, that is up to you. But I don’t take it, that is up to me – whether I take it or not.” Buddha said, ”I don’t take unnecessary things, useless things. I don’t get unnecessarily burdened. I feel compassion for you.”

This is response. If a person is angry and you are present there, not with your past, you will feel always compassion. Reaction becomes anger, response always is compassion. You will see through the person. It will become transparent that he is angry, he is suffering, he is in misery, he is ill. When someone is in fever you don’t start beating him and asking, ”Why are you having a fever? Why is your body hot? Why have you got a temperature?” You serve the man, you help him to come out of it.

And when somebody is angry he also is having a temperature, he is in a fever, he is feverish. Why get so angry about it? He is in a mental disease which is more dangerous than any bodily disease, more fatal. So if the wife is angry the husband will feel compassion, he will try in every way to help her to be out of it. This is just mad – that she is angry and you also get angry. This is just mad, insane. You will look at the person, you will feel the misery she is in or he is in, and you will help.

But if the past comes in then everything goes wrong. And it can happen only if you go deep in meditation, otherwise it cannot happen. Just intellectual understanding won’t help. If you go deep in meditation your wounds will be thrown, a catharsis will happen. You become more and more clear inside, clarity is attained, you become like a mirror. You don’t have any wounds really, so no one can hit them. Then you can look at the person, then you can respond.

Response is always good, reaction is always bad. Response is always beautiful, reaction is always ugly. Avoid reactions and allow responses. Reaction is from the past, response is here and now. Enough for today.

Source: " Vedanta: Seven Steps to Samadhi " - Osho

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Why Not Use An Opportunity, Whatsoever It Is? - Osho

I would like to dedicate this post to Dear Selva. Hope you enjoy going through it.

Money is not a problem! It can be used! If you have it, use it; if you don't have it, then use that freedom that comes when you don't have the money. This is my approach. If you are rich, enjoy; richness has a few things which no poor person can enjoy. I have been both rich and poor, and I tell you honestly, there are a few things only rich people can enjoy. Enjoy when you are rich. And I tell you again, I have been both rich and poor, and there are a few things which only poor people can enjoy. And there is no way to enjoy both together.

So, whenever, whatsoever is happening, enjoy it. A poor person has a kind of freedom. Poverty has a kind of cleanness, a relaxedness, contentedness. Mind is not very much worried; there is nothing to worry about. You can sleep perfectly well; insomnia is impossible for a poor man. So sleep well and snore, and enjoy the freedom that comes from poverty.

And sometimes when you find yourself rich, enjoy richness, because there are a few things only a rich person can enjoy. You can have the greatest paintings on your walls; a poor man cannot have that. You can have the best music in your house; the poor man cannot have that. You create a Zen garden around your house; the poor man cannot have that. You can read poetry, you can paint, you can play on the guitar, you can sing, you can dance, you can meditate -- a thousand and one things that become available.

My approach is: whatsoever is the case, just see what you can make out of it. If it is poverty, become a Buddha, start wandering; take a begging-bowl -- and enjoy that beauty that only a beggar can have. He belongs nowhere. Today he is here, tomorrow he is gone. He is a flow; he clings nowhere, he has no home. He need not worry that the rains are coming and the roof has to be fixed. He need not worry that somebody may steal something from him -- he has nothing.

Enjoy poverty when you are poor, and enjoy richness? then become a JANAKA, an emperor, and enjoy all the beauties that become available through money.

My approach is total. I don't teach you to choose. I simply say: whatsoever is the case, the intelligent person will make something beautiful out of it. The unintelligent person suffers. If he has money he suffers because money brings worries; he does not enjoy the music that money can bring, the dance that money can bring, the painting. If he has money, he does not go to the Himalayas for a rest, to meditate and to sing and to shout in the valleys and to talk with the stars. He worries, loses his sleep, loses his appetite -- he chooses the wrong when he has money. And this man, if somehow he becomes poor, by God's grace if he becomes poor, then he suffers poverty. Then he is continuously worried that "I don't have this and I don't have that." You have POVERTY! Enjoy it!

But there are people who are wrong in every situation: wherever they are, they will always chose the negative part of it, and they will suffer. And there are people, and I call those people intelligent people, and I would like my people to be INTELLIGENT people... wherever you are, try to enjoy it.

In my childhood it happened: once my father was very angry, so he locked me into the bathroom. I meditated! -- what is the point...? After three, four hours, he became worried. He was at the shop, but he was restless. He became worried about what had happened to me, and no message had come from the home -- mother had not sent any message, no servant had come to say what had happened to me. Have I disappeared? or what? Or has somebody opened the bathroom? So he could not do his work there; he had to come.

He came close and he listened and there was silence. He knocked and I told him, "Don't disturb me." That was the last time he punished me that way. It is pointless! He said, "I became so worried I could not do my work in the shop -- I had to come."

I said. "This is nonsense! -- I enjoyed it."

In my school when I was small, second grade, my teacher was a very strict one and he used to punish by giving: "Go running seven times round the school, run!" And he gave me this punishment -- go seven times -- I said, "Why not seventeen?" He said, "Are you mad?" I said, "This is such a good exercise and every morning I would like to do it."

And I started doing it every morning. He would see me and he would beat his head -- he would say this.... I destroyed his punishment by making it an exercise. I USED it! Then he stopped giving me punishment.

Why not use an opportunity, whatsoever it is? And if you are alert you can find opportunities everywhere -- even if you are imprisoned you can use that as a great opportunity. And there are people who are under the sky, free, and not using that opportunity.
Money or no money, house or no house... the question is not what you should have: the question is what you should do, whatsoever you have.

Take It Easy, Vol 1

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

There Are Many Many Layers, Many Planes Of Love-Osho

It depends. There are as many loves as there are people. Love is a hierarchy, from the lowest rung to the highest, from sex to superconsciousness. There are many many layers, many planes of love. It all depends on you. If you are existing on the lowest rung, you will have a totally different idea of love than the person who is existing on the highest rung. Adolf Hitler will have one idea of love, Gautam Buddha another; and they will be diametrically opposite, because they are at two extremes.

At the lowest, love is a kind of politics, power politics. Wherever love is contaminated by the idea of domination, it is politics. Whether you call it politics or not is not the question, it is political. And millions of people never know anything about love except this politics -- the politics that exists between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends. It is politics, the whole thing is political: you want to dominate the other, you enjoy domination.

And love is nothing but politics sugar-coated, a bitter pill sugar-coated.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Love : Whenever You Find a Difficulty, Make It a Challenge - Osho

It is a very common phenomenon: whenever you want to go into a relationship a part of your mind always wants to avoid it. And there are reasons . . . .

First: because you are lonely you want to go into relationship -- so you have a desire and a need to go into relationship. But each relationship brings problems, difficulties, challenges, miseries, conflicts, so another part of the mind says 'Why get into this trouble?' And both are right!

Alone you feel lonely, alone you feel sad, alone you feel 'What is the meaning of life?' -- because the poetry arises only when you are together with somebody. A life takes on meaning only when you are in love, otherwise it seems meaningless -- why go on living, for what? for whom?
So one part of the mind thinks, 'Love somebody, be loved by somebody, share your energy, celebrate.' Another part of the mind says 'Beware, because each relationship turns out to be a problem.' Alone there are no problems -- only you are the problem, there is no other problem -- but with the second person, the other person, come many problems and then both together you multiply problems.

So one part of the mind goes on saying 'Beware, don't get into this trouble. Alone, at least you are peaceful: not happy -- right -- but at least peaceful. In relationship, who knows if happiness will happen or not? -- but one thing is certain: peace will be destroyed!'

That's why the conflict. It is in every human being! Each likes to love and each likes to avoid.

Now, one has to understand it. One thing is that right now if you avoid relationship you will not grow, you will remain stuck, because those challenges that relationship brings are a must. They are growth opportunities -- don't take them just as problems; they are tasks to be done. One has to do that homework, otherwise one never grows. Just think of a man who has never been in any trouble -- he will never become mature -- who has never been in anxiety, anguish, turmoil; he will never mature, he will remain childish, he will not have any backbone. And any small thing will destroy him. He will not have any stamina to stand up against anything.

So these troubles, conflicts, anger, hatred, jealousy, possessiveness, domination, and a thousand and one things come with the relationship. They are all great opportunities to be used to go beyond them. It is good! Yes, one day will arrive when you will not need anyone, anybody, but then there is no problem. Then you are so happy alone that there is no problem, there is no question of being related. But right now it will be very very harmful for you to avoid relationships. Plunge into them, and while young go through all sorts of problematic situations so by the time you start becoming physically mature you also attain psychological maturity. Otherwise what happens? -- people become physically mature and psychologically they remain childish. You can find them everywhere: their face looks as if they are fifty -- if you just scratch the surface you will find a twelve-year-old child; inside they are just stupid children.

So this is for you to decide . . . but growth comes through difficulties. I am always for difficulties -- never avoid them! Whenever you find a difficulty, make it a challenge. Forget everything and jump into the difficulty. And to love a difficult person is one of the most beautiful experiences. Never find a person who has no difficulties! He will not be of any help; nothing will come out of him. Find a really difficult person, mm? And there is no need to go anywhere -- be here, meditate.


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Don’t Waste A Single Moment In Anything Else - Osho

Man is born only as a potential. If you don’t develop your potential, if you don’t grow spiritually, you are just like an ox. The body will go on becoming bigger and bigger, but that is not growth. Growing old is not growing up, growing physically is not growing spiritually. And unless you grow spiritually you are wasting a precious opportunity.

Man is the only being on the earth who can attain to buddhahood. Elephants and lions and tigers can’t become buddhas. Only man can become a buddha, only man can become a thousand-petaled lotus, only man can release the fragrance called God.

Don’t waste a single moment in anything else. Do the necessary things, the essential things, but pour more and more energy into watchfulness, awareness. Wake up! Unless you become a buddha you have not lived at all, because you will not know the great poetry of life, the great music of existence. You will not know the celestial celebration that goes on and on, you will not know the dance of the stars. It is for you to become part of this celebration. This bliss is for you! All these flowers and all these songs and all these stars are for you. You are entitled to miracles — but grow up, wake up!

Book “Dhammapada Vol 5″

Monday, 23 November 2009

Quotes by OSHO [video] - Explains why you need to 'Practise Meditation for 21 days' initially!

Why are 21 days needed when you begin practising meditation... Osho explains it beautifully here....

Thank you beloved master...


The First Truth To Be Learned in Life: That you Are Always Responsible - Osho

 Life has the potential to become a song of bliss, but there is every possibility of missing it too. It is not a certainty, there is no inevitability about it. It depends: you can make it, you can destroy it. Out of one hundred, ninety-nine point nine percent of people destroy their song of bliss. Then their life is nothing but a cry, a scream of pain and agony. But they have chosen it that way; nobody else is ever responsible.

This is the first truth to be learned in life: that you are always responsible, nobody else. With that comes great freedom, because with that all alternatives are open. If you think that somebody else is responsible then you are a slave; then nothing is open. Then you have to be what you are. If your life is a tragedy then it has to be a tragedy, because others are responsible; unless they change, nothing can be done about it. You don’t have any freedom.

And that is the reason why millions of people live in misery: they think others are creating their misery. Nobody is creating your misery, nobody can create it; and nobody can create your bliss either. It is a totally individual phenomenon. It is just your work upon yourself. And the most strange thing is: to create misery is difficult and to create bliss is easy, but people always choose the difficult thing, because the difficult thing  always gives them an ego-trip.

The ego is not interested in easy things; the ego is interested only in difficult things. The more impossible a thing looks, the more attractive it feels for the ego, because the ego feels a challenge, and only through challenge can it conquer, can it prove to the world ’I am somebody special.’ Misery gives you challenge: bliss is very simple. Trees are blissful, birds are blissful. It needs no special talent to be blissful. To be miserable needs talents, one has to be really very very clever to be miserable. Bliss is innocent; you can be blissful without any education, but you cannot be miserable without any education, remember! It is very difficult. You need degrees, universities, mm? then only do you become skilful.

So the first truth has to sink deep in the heart: ’I am always responsible for whatsoever I am. Bliss or misery, this is my choice. If I have chosen to be miserable, then there is no need to be sad about it; this is my choice and I am doing my thing.’ Feel happy that you have succeeded in being miserable! If this is not your choice, drop it immediately, drop all those patterns that create it and start creating new patterns, new doors from where bliss starts flowing.

For example, the person who wants to be miserable has to think in terms of fighting with life; that is his gestalt. He is always fighting. The person who wants to be blissful has to be a non-fighter, surrendered to life, in a kind of let-go. The person who wants to be miserable has to create great ideals, has to make impossible demands upon himself. Then only can you be miserable; otherwise you will not be miserable. You have to be this, you have to be that, and when you cannot be, frustration settles in.

The man who wants to be blissful has no ideals at all, he is a non-idealist; he is a realist. The miserable person is always an idealist. The happy person, the blissful person, is a realist: he lives moment to moment with no ideals. You cannot frustrate him because he has no expectations.

The miserable person always condemns himself because he is not rising high enough to fulfil the demands. He is a constant condemnor; he lives in self-condemnation.

The blissful person is very accepting of himself. He makes no demands. He is relaxed, at ease with himself; he loves himself as he is. So you have to watch: that which creates misery, drop; and that which brings bliss like a flood, create that space in you. And my whole effort here is to make each of my sannyasins a song of bliss: not miserable saints, not long faces, but celebrants! I am interested in celebrants, not in saints at all. So let your life become a celebration; and it is up to you!

“Turn On, Tune In and Drop the Lot”

Thanks to Bodhi who shares all these beautiful post with us in Facebook.

Friday, 20 November 2009

If love Is Destroying Freedom, It Is Not Of Worth - Osho

You can go on changing your husband or your wife a thousand and one times, you will again find the same type of woman and the same misery repeated in different forms – but the same misery repeated; it is almost the same. You can change your wife, but you are not changed. Now who is going to choose the other wife? You will choose. The choice will come out of your immaturity again. You will choose a similar type of woman again.

The basic problem of love is to first become mature, then you will find a mature partner; then immature people will not attract you at all. It is just like that. If you are twenty-five years of age, you don’t fall in love with a baby two years old, you don’t fall. Exactly like that. When you are a mature person psychologically, spiritually, you don’t fall in love with a baby. It does not happen, it CANNOT happen. You can see that it is going to be meaningless.

In fact a mature person does not fall in love, he rises in love. The word ’fall’ is not right. Only immature people fall; they stumble and fall down in love. Somehow they were managing and standing. They cannot manage and they cannot stand – they find a woman and they are gone, they find a man and they are gone. They were always ready to fall on the ground and to creep. They don’t have the backbone, the spine; they don’t have that integrity to stand alone.

A mature person has the integrity to be alone. And when a mature person gives love, he gives without any strings attached to it: he simply gives. And when a mature person gives love, he feels grateful that you have accepted his love, not vice versa. He does not expect you to be thankful for it – no, not at all, he does not even need your thanks. He thanks you for accepting his love. And when two mature persons are in love, one of the greatest paradoxes of life happens, one of the most beautiful phenomena: they are together and yet tremendously alone; they are together so much so that they are almost one. But their oneness does not destroy their individuality, in fact, it enhances it: they become more individual.

Two mature persons in love help each other to become more free. There is no politics involved, no diplomacy, no effort to dominate. How can you dominate the person you love? Just think over it. Domination is a sort of hatred, anger, enmity. How can you think of dominating a person you love? You would love to see the person totally free, independent; you will give him more individuality. That’s why I call it the greatest paradox: they are together so much so that they are almost one, but still in that oneness they are individuals. Their individualities are not effaced – they have become more enhanced. The other has enriched them as far as their freedom is concerned.

Immature people falling in love destroy each other’s freedom, create a bondage, make a prison. Mature persons in love help each other to be free; they help each other to destroy all sorts of bondages. And when love flows with freedom there is beauty. When love flows with dependence there is ugliness.
Remember, freedom is a higher value than love. That’s why in India, the ultimate we call MOKSHA; MOKSHA means freedom. Freedom is a higher value than love. So if love is destroying freedom, it is not of worth. Love can be dropped; freedom has to be saved: freedom is a higher value. And without freedom you can never be happy – that is not possible. Freedom is the intrinsic desire of each man, each woman – utter freedom, absolute freedom. So anything that becomes destructive to freedom – one starts hating it.

Don’t you hate the man you love? Don’t you hate the woman you love? You hate. It is a necessary evil; you have to tolerate it. Because you cannot be alone you have to manage to be with somebody, and you have to adjust to the other’s demands. You have to tolerate, you have to bear them. Love, to be really love, has to be ’being-love’, ’gift-love’. ’Being-love’ means a state of love. When you have arrived home, when you have known who you are, then a love arises in your being. Then the fragrance spreads and you can give it to others. How can you give something which you don’t have? To give it, the first basic requirement is to have it.

“The Tantra Vision Volume 2″

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Pragmatic and Esoteric - Osho


- It has begun. And truth is both: it is pragmatic and it is esoteric.

I was emphasizing that it was pragmatic, because in those phases
I did not want my people to be involved in any esoteric work.
The pragmatic work is the right foundation.
Without that foundation, esoteric work is just dreaming.
So I was continuously against esoteric work.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Ten Non-Commandments of Osho

The first: freedom.
The second: uniqueness of individuality.
The third: love.
The fourth: meditation.
The fifth: non-seriousness.
The sixth: playfulness.
The seventh: creativity.
The eighth: sensitivity.
The ninth: gratefulness.
Tenth: a feeling of the mysterious.

These ten non-commandments constitute my basic attitude towards reality, towards man's freedom from all kinds of spiritual slavery.


Osho On End of the World!

"You keep on telling us lately that we don't have much time left before this world finishes. How is it possible to relax in this certainty of death?"

In fact, my continuous emphasis that there is a possibility of this whole world being destroyed is to help you to live intensely right now because there may not be any tomorrow.
You are in a very special position in the history of mankind. People have always had time to postpone -- you don't have. Your situation is unique. Use it -- not for worrying, because that is not going to stop the world from ending. Use whatever time is left to live so deeply that ten years become almost equivalent to one hundred years.

Once a merchant was asked, "How old are you?"
And he said, "Three hundred and sixty years old."
The man could not believe it. He said, "Please, repeat it. Perhaps I have not heard rightly."
The merchant shouted and said, "Three hundred and sixty years old."
The man said, "Forgive me, but I cannot believe it. You don't look more than sixty!"
The merchant said, "You are also right. As far as the calendar is concerned, I am sixty. But as far as my life is concerned I have lived six times more than anybody else. In sixty years I have managed to live three hundred and sixty years."

It depends on intensity.

There are two ways of living.

One is the way of the buffalo -- it lives horizontally, in a single line. The other way is of a buddha. He lives vertically, in height and in depth. Then each moment can become an eternity. And unless you learn the art of transforming each moment into an eternity, you have not been with me -- you missed me.

The world may end, may not end, that is not my concern. But I will go on insisting that it is going to end for a simple reason: to wake you up. And don't waste your time in trivia, but live, sing, dance, love as totally and overflowingly as you are capable of; and no fears will interfere, and you will not be worried what will happen tomorrow. Today is enough unto itself. Lived, it is so full; it leaves no space to think about anything else. Unlived, worries come, fears come.

It is not only me who is emphasizing the fact that the world is coming to an end. It is just a coincidence that alongside my insistence on it, the world situation is very supportive of what I am saying. But Jesus Christ, two thousand years ago, was saying the same thing, Gautam Buddha, twenty-five centuries ago, was saying the same thing.

It is an old device to wake you up. Unless you know that your house is on fire, you are not going to run out of it. And Jesus and Gautam Buddha were using it as a device, without any corresponding reality.

I am also using it as a device, but it is not only a device. For the first time, the world is really in a position to commit a global suicide. If Gautam Buddha managed to make two dozen people enlightened, then it should be very easy for me to make at least two hundred people enlightened -- very easy, because his device was only fictitious.

My device is not fictitious, it is a reality. The reality is supporting my device with totality.
Sadhan you just live, love, and make each moment a deep ecstasy. All fears may disappear. And if the whole humanity listens to me, perhaps the world may not end, perhaps we may continue. The old man may die and a totally new man with fresh values may arise to replace him.

read all Note here:

The Golden Future
Chapter #25
Chapter title: You need a divine discontent
24 May 1987 am in Chuang Tzu Auditorium

Friday, 13 November 2009

Woman Lust, Love and Divinity - OSHO

You see a woman: if you see with lustful eyes, you see only the body,the matter,

The matter part; if you see with love, you see something that is not matter,that is spiritual;

And if you see a woman with prayer,then you see something absolutely divine.

It depends on your eyes. With lustful eyes you see only the body part of the woman;

With loveful eyes you see the spiritual part of the woman; with prayerful eyes you see

The divine, God himself.

Wherever your sensitivity towards beauty is perfect, the divine is revealed.


Many Thanks to Esha who shared this beautiful message in FaceBook.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

If These Three Simple Things Can Be Managed, Bliss Starts Showering - Osho

SANNYAS IS AN EDUCATION, education in the true, literal sense of the
word. And it can be learned. In fact, it is difficult to learn the
ways of misery because it goes so against your nature. It is very easy
to learn the ways of being blissful.

Just a few small things to be remembered: ONE, EMPHASIZE THE HEART
MORE THAN THE HEAD, and almost 50 percent of the work is done. Replace
thinking by feeling. Think less, feel more, logic less, love more; and
50 percent of the work is done.

And the SECOND thing is: BECOME MORE SENSITIVE TO LIFE--its pains,
pleasures, agonies, ecstasies. Don't create an armor around yourself
to protect, remain vulnerable; and 25 percent more is done.

And the THIRD: NEVER CLING TO THE KNOWN, because the known is dead,
and if you cling to the dead, you will become dead. Always seek and
search for the unknown, become an adventurer. Listen to the call of
the unknown--risk everything for it--and you will never be a loser;
and the remaining 25 percent is done.

If these three simple things can be managed, bliss starts showering.


Thursday, 5 November 2009

Einstein the Buddha - OSHO

Man is entering into a new phase; a new consciousness is to dawn. For at least ten thousand years, as far as consciousness is concerned, nothing new has happened. There have been Buddhas and there have been Albert Einsteins, but we are still waiting for a Buddha who is also an Albert Einstein or an Albert Einstein who is also a Buddha. The day is coming closer and closer. Albert Einstein in his last days was very much interested in meditation, in religion. His last days were full of wonder. He said in his old age, "I used to think when I was young that sooner or later all the mysteries of existence would be solved, and I worked hard. But now I can say that the more we know, the more existence turns out to be mysterious. The more we know, the less we know and the more we become aware of the vastness...."

Science has not been able to demystify existence. Now this is recognized not by ordinary technicians but by geniuses, because they are the pioneers; they can see the dawn very close by, they are the prophets. Albert Einstein says that science has failed in demystifying existence, that on the contrary it has mystified things even more.

If Einstein had also been a buddha, there would have been atomic energy but no atom bombs, and atomic energy would have become a blessing -- the greatest blessing ever. The earth would have become a paradise. But Albert Einstein is not a buddha; unfortunately he knows nothing of meditation -- a great mind, but the master is missing; a great mechanism, a great airplane without the pilot.

The religious man is again one-dimensional, just as the scientist is. Albert Einstein is one-dimensional, so is Gautama the Buddha. And because the East has become one-dimensionally religious it has suffered much. And now the West is suffering much, and the cause is one-dimensionality. The West is bankrupt as far as the inner world is concerned and the East is bankrupt as far as the outer world is concerned.

I propose the fourth way. The true man will be all three simultaneously: he will be a scientist, an artist, and religious. And I call the fourth man the spiritual man.

When I say this, that the whole man will be all the three together, please don't take me literally. One need not be literally a scientist and yet one can be whole -- but his approach will be scientific. He may not be an Albert Einstein, or a Newton, or an Edison. Buddha is not an Albert Einstein, but still his scientific approach is there: he is utterly scientific in his approach. He will not allow any superstition. He will not allow any illogical approaches. He will be very logical -- although he will lead you beyond logic! but he will lead you very logically, step by step, with a method.

I would like you to be enriched by Newton, Edison, Eddington, Rutherford, Einstein; and I would like you also to be enriched by Buddha, Krishna, Christ, Mohammed, so that you can become rich in both the dimensions -- the outer and the inner. Science is good as far as it goes, but it does not go far enough -- and it cannot go. I am not saying that it can go and it does not go. No, it CANNOT go into the interiority of your being. The very methodology of science prevents it from going in. It can go only outwards, it can study only objectively; it cannot go into the subjectivity itself. That is the function of religion.
The society needs science, the society needs religion. And if you ask me what should be the first priority -- science should be the first priority. First the outer, the circumference, then the inner -- because the inner is more subtle, more delicate.
Science can create the space for real religion to exist on the earth.

Just think of a man who is an Albert Einstein and a Gautam Buddha both. Just meditate on that possibility -- that IS possible. In fact if Albert Einstein had lived a little longer, he would have turned into a mystic. He had started thinking about the inner, he was becoming interested in the inner mystery. How long can you remain interested in the outer mystery? If you are really interested in mystery then sooner or later you will stumble upon the inner too.
My concept is of a world which is neither Eastern nor Western, neither inner nor outer, neither extrovert nor introvert -- which is balanced, which is whole.

If Einstein had been born in Buddha's time he would have been another Buddha, for the simple reason that that was the only challenge for a man like him. Mathematics was done by mediocre people, and they were doing perfectly well. There was no need for an Albert Einstein to get caught in a mediocre game. No, he would have moved in the same way as Buddha or Mahavira. All the best people were attracted towards religion; that's why religion touched the pinnacles of height.


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Beautiful Osho Quotes

Some Beautiful Quotes from the Master:

"You go on pouring belief, more belief; but you are simply suppressing doubt deeper and deeper into your unconscious. And the deeper it goes, the more dangerous it is because you will become unaware of it. One day you will think that you believe, that you are a believer, that you have attained to faith ? because your doubt has gone so deep in your dark unconscious that you cannot see it anymore. I would like you to see your doubt clearly."

"Objects begin and end; subjectivity begins but never ends. Science uses observation as its method; religion also uses observation as its method, but it calls it meditation. It is observation, pure observation, of your own subjectivity. Science calls its work experiment; religion calls its work experience. They both start from the same point but they move in the opposite directions. Science goes outwards; religion goes inwards."

Monday, 2 November 2009

Osho Speaks On Money

Money should not become the goal, but I am not saying at the same time that you should renounce it and become beggars -- use it, it is a good means. I'm not against money, I have nothing to say against it. I am saying something about you and your possessiveness, not about money. Money can be beautiful -- if it is not possessed, if you don't become obsessed with it. It can be beautiful. Money is like blood circulating in the body: in the body of society money circulates, it is blood. It helps society to be enriched, to be alive -- but it is like blood.

Money is not just there outside in the currency notes, it is something to do with your inner mind and attitudes. Money is your love of things, money is your escape from persons, money is your security against death, money is your effort to control life, money is a thousand and one things. Money is not just in the currency notes otherwise things would have been very easy.

Friday, 30 October 2009

- Osho, Why are you called the Master of Masters? In The Future Akashic Records.....

- Osho, Why are you called the Master of Masters?

- It is a difficult question. I had to look in the Akashic records, and not in the past Akashic records--because it is not recorded there--but in the future Akashic records. This is a future story. Listen carefully.

It happened in Moksha, the ultimate resting place of the awakened ones. A journalist for the local newspaper, The Nirvana Timeless, was desperately seeking material to fill up the center page of the next edition which was due to appear in twenty-five hundred years. There was not much news around in Moksha, and soon he realized that he would have to make something up himself if the center page was not to be left empty again, as it had been for countless ages.

Finally, he hit on the idea of choosing which of the many Buddhas, Arhatas, Bodhisattvas, Christs, Kutubs and other enlightened beings abounding in the lotus paradise was the Master of Masters--in short, a spiritual Mr. Universe competition.

He summoned all the enlightened ones together and asked them to encapsulate in a short phrase the essence of their teaching, which would entitle them to the title of Master of Masters. There was, as usual, a deep silence which lasted a few hundred years. Finally a Zen Master stood forward and hit the journalist hard on the head. This was considered to be well deserved, but not very original.

Another hundred years passed and then a Sufi stood up and began to whirl. Unfortunately he was out of training, and after a couple of months he fell flat on his face, causing some merriment among the Hassidic Masters, who had been surreptitiously pouring oil on the floor to bring the uppity Arab down.

After some goading by Manjushree and Subhuti, Buddha slowly stood up and addressed the gathering in the following way: "There is no teaching and no one to be taught. There is no Master and nothing to master. Nothing can be said; there is no one to hear it." Then he held up a flower and Mahakashyap giggled as usual. Many applauded the Buddha, but to the journalist it did not appear like the kind of news which would help him to sell his paper.

One after another the enlightened ones came forward to make their bids for the title. Moses gave a few new commandments. Bodhidharma stared at a wall for ninety years. Jesus made a mountain out of a molehill, and delivered a sermon from it. Diogenes displayed his suntan. Shiva and Parvati ran through one hundred twelve new positions they had invented. Gurdjieff drank twenty bottles of brandy, then walked on his hands on a tightrope over the plenum void, smiling with the left side of his face and grimacing with the right. Lao Tzu had a good belly laugh at all these antics. Mansoor would not stop shouting, "Ana'l Haq! Ana'l Haq!" and finally had to be put in a straitjacket and given a couple of valium. Vatsyayana gave himself a blow job to demonstrate existentially that sex and samadhi were manifestations of the same energy--and so on.

It proved impossible to choose which of the awakened ones was the Master of Masters, since even the journalist had attained to choiceless awareness long ago. But the day seemed saved when Teertha, a relative newcomer from England, stood up and declared with typical British diplomacy, "The greatest Master is the one who has yet to come." Suddenly an Indian mahatma jumped to his feet and cried triumphantly, "Then that must be me--for I have been celibate for eighty-four million lives."

By unanimous agreement the awakened ones decided that the mahatma's samadhi was not yet "seedless", and he was dispelled back to samsara to spill his seed once and for all.

Just as the mahatma disappeared from sight, Osho came out of his room, where he had been sitting all this time, and made his way towards a small marble podium in the corner of the hall. A deathly hush gripped the audience, and even Mansoor shut up. If a look of dread could be said to cloud those tranquil eyes, this is what happened to the gathering.

As Osho sat down and leaned towards the microphone, a cry arose from Mahavira, "Wait! Wait! We proclaim you Master of Masters! Now please go back to your room."

Osho smiled innocently and left the hall. There was a sigh of relief.

The journalist turned to Mahavira in consternation: "I don't understand. Why did he get the title? What did he do?"

"Nothing," said Mahavira, "but last time he spoke here it took us seven hundred years to get him to stop, and send him to Poona!"


Thursday, 29 October 2009

Music From The World Of Osho - Download Free

Serene and beautiful musical pieces from the world of Osho. Download all of them for free and hope you enjoy and share them with other fellow sannyasins. I especially liked Unio Mystica and Sacred World...

Album Name: 10,000 Buddhas

1. Tantric Day.mp3  2. Dancing Buddhas.mp3 3. Om Mani Padme Hum.mp3 4. Unio Mystica.mp3 5. Sacred World.mp3 6. Light On The Path.mp3 7. The Bridge To That.mp3 8. Lovers Of Meditation.mp3 9. The Wheel Of Dharma.mp3 10. All That Is Real Will Remain.mp3 11. Living Buddha.mp3

Nature Knows No Marriage - OSHO

[A sannyas couple returning from the West said they had trouble with their families and had to marry in order to settle it.]

Osho: Mm! So nothing to be worried. Marriage is just a joke -- nothing to be worried about. Don't take it seriously, mm? Once you start taking marriage seriously, marriage is on the rocks. Take it as just a joke -- because nobody can be married. How can one be married? One can be in love -- that's natural -- but marriage? Nature knows no marriage. It is social and it is an institution, and it is good not to live in an institution. It is one of the ugliest institutions.

So, good that you have done it for the family so that they are happy, but don't you take it seriously otherwise you will become unhappy. Then your parents will be very happy if you become unhappy.

That's what they are trying to do. Love is not accepted because love is very dangerous. People are very worried if two persons are in love and not married; they are worried very much. It should not be a concern at all, but they are worried very much. They cannot believe and they cannot trust. They cannot allow that you should be happy and without any responsibility; that is the problem. Deep down the problem is that two persons are happy and without any responsibility. That cannot be allowed. So they have to get married and they have to become responsible and heavy and burdened -- then it's okay.
Then nobody bothers whether you are happy or not; nobody ever asks. Once you are married the society is at ease. They have forced you into a prison; now it is up to you to make what you make out of it.

Never take it seriously, because it gets into the mind. The mind is made by the same society, so it gets into the mind. One starts leaning on the other more. One starts taking the other more for granted. One starts behaving more and more like a wife and like a husband -- not as two human beings, not as two strangers.

When two strangers are there, it is beautiful... something transpires. When there is a husband and a wife, two mummies, two dead things are there. Nothing transpires between a husband and a wife except conflict. So beware! Keep your happiness, and keep your freedom. And it has been just to satisfy your parents, so good. But you should not take it in any way into your mind.


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

If You Really Want To Change Your Misery You Have To Go To The Root Cause - OSHO

Only a qualitative difference is a difference that makes a difference, but that qualitative difference is possible only if you start dismantling the roots of your misery.

People only go on changing symptoms. You are miserable with one woman or with one man; you change. And you completely forget that you were very happy with this woman. You have completely forgotten the honeymoon days and again you will do the same foolish thing with some other woman again the same honeymoon and the same excitement and again the same depression, the same boredom.

You can go on changing the woman again and again but it will be just the same routine, the same vicious circle.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Love Flowers Only When Needs Have Disappeared - OSHO

One day one has to become independent of a constant need of being cared for by a woman. That is the day that one becomes mature. That is the day when you are finished with your mother, and that is the day you can start loving a woman. Otherwise in every woman you will go on searching for your mother.

Then it is going to be false love. It is going to be political. Because you need the care, you pretend to love, but that is not mature love. You are like a child hanging onto the mother's skirt. If you continue that you will never know what love is.

One has to finish with this dependence. When you are finished with it, for the first time you will be able to decide whether you love this woman or not, because now there is no need; now you can share. When there is no need, love flowers.

Love flowers only when needs have disappeared. A love happens only between a king and a queen -- neither is in any need.

Love is the most luxurious thing in the world. It is not a need -- it is the last luxury, the ultimate in luxuries. If you are needing it it is just as other needs; one needs food, one needs shelter, one needs clothes, one needs this and that. Then love is also part of this world.

When there is no need and you are simply flowing with energy and would like to share with somebody, and somebody is also flow-ing with energy and would like to share with you, then you both offer your energies to an unknown god of love.

And it is sheer luxury because it is purposeless. It has no business to do. It is intrinsic -- it is not a means to anything else. It is a great play.


Monday, 26 October 2009

At Least Make Yourself Happy - Osho

If you really want to be happy you have to remain young, alive, available to crying, laughter, available to all dimensions, flowing all over, streaming. Then you will remain happy. But remember, you will not get any sympathy. People may throw rocks at you, but that is worth it. People may think that you are irreligious, they may condemn you, they may call names to you, but don't be worried about it. It doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is your happiness.

And you have to undo many things; only then can you become happy. Whatsoever has been done by the society has to be undone. Wherever you are stuck -- you were going to laugh and your father looked at you with anger and said, "Stop!" -- you will have to start again from there. Tell your father, "Please, now I am going to again start laughing." Somewhere inside your head your father is still holding you: "Stop!" Have you watched? If you meditate deeply you will come to see and hear your parental voices within. You were going to cry and the mother stopped you, and of course you were helpless and you had to compromise to survive. There was no other way. You had to depend on these people and they had their conditions; otherwise, they wouldn't give you milk, they wouldn't give you food, they wouldn't give you any support. And how can a small child exist without the support? He has to compromise. He says, "Okay. Just to survive, I will follow whatsoever you say." So by and by, he becomes false. By and by, he goes against himself. He wanted to laugh but the father was not allowing it, so he kept quiet. By and by, he becomes a pretender, a hypocrite.

Friday, 18 September 2009

The Five Dimensions of Education - Osho

Dedicated to Sreejith Ji:

“Maneesha, the education that has prevailed in the past is very insufficient, incomplete, superficial. It only creates people who can earn their livelihood but it does not give any insight into living itself. It is not only incomplete, it is harmful too — because it is based on competition.Any type of competition is violent deep down, and creates people who are unloving. Their whole effort is to be the achievers — of name, of fame, of all kinds of ambitions. Obviously they have to struggle and be in conflict for them. That destroys their joys and that destroys their friendliness. It seems everybody is fighting against the whole world.Education up to now has been goal-oriented: what you are learning is not important; what is important is the examination that will come a year or two years later. It makes the future important — more important than the present. It sacrifices the present for the future. And that becomes your very style of life; you are always sacrificing the moment for something which is not present. It creates a tremendous emptiness in life.The commune of my vision will have a five-dimensional education. Before I enter into those five dimensions, a few things have to be noted. One: there should not be any kind of examination as part of education, but every day, every hour observation by the teachers; their remarks throughout the year will decide whether you move further or you remain a little longer in the same class. Nobody fails, nobody passes — it is just that a few people are speedy and a few people are a little bit lazy — because the idea of failure creates a deep wound of inferiority, and the idea of being successful also creates a different kind of disease, that of superiority.Nobody is inferior, and nobody is superior.One is just oneself, incomparable.So, examinations will not have any place. That will change the whole perspective from the future to the present. What you are doing right this moment will be decisive, not five questions at the end of two years. Of thousands of things you will pass through during these two years, each will be decisive; so the education will not be goal-oriented.The teacher has been of immense importance in the past, because he knew he had passed all the examinations, he had accumulated knowledge. But the situation has changed — and this is one of the problems, that situations change but our responses remain the old ones. Now the knowledge explosion is so vast, so tremendous, so speedy, that you cannot write a big book on any scientific subject because by the time your book is complete, it will be out of date; new facts, new discoveries will have made it irrelevant. So now science has to depend on articles, on periodicals, not on books.The teacher was educated thirty years earlier. In thirty years everything has changed, and he goes on repeating what he was taught. He is out of date, and he is making his students out of date. So in my vision the teacher has no place. Instead of teachers there will be guides, and the difference has to be understood: the guide will tell you where, in the library, to find the latest information on the subject.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

If You Escape From That, You Escape From Maturity - Osho

I am not here to make you a sheep. You have been a sheep for too long already. I am here to make a man out of you. It is going to be arduous, but you have to start becoming responsible for your own life.

Once you start feeling responsible for your own life you start growing, because then there is no point in wasting time in postponing, in waiting. Nobody is coming to help you. All waiting is futile, all waiting is sheer wastage.

So if there is a conflict go deep into it. Decide something. Only through decisions do you become more and more conscious, only through decisions do you become more and more crystallised, only through decisions do you become sharp. Otherwise one becomes dull.

People go on from one guru to another, from one master to another, from one temple to another -- not because they are great seekers but because they are incapable of decision. So they go from one to another. This is their way to avoid commitment.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

First Indulge In Your Passions As Much As You Can Till You Get Really Bored - Osho


Deva Dwabha, I can see you must be in a great conflict. You say, "I see that I am eager to drop my jealousy, judgments, greed, anger, all the baddies. Yet at the same time I am reluctantly clinging to the parts of my personality I still enjoy indulging in -- my passion, my clown, my gypsy adventurer. Why am I so afraid that just to be the watcher will be boring?"

It seems you are not experienced enough. You have just heard these great things: if you drop your jealousy, judgments, greed, anger and all the baddies, you will have all the pleasures and blissfulness of paradise showering on you.

In fact you are not really interested in dropping them. If you can get all the pleasures and ecstasies of enlightenment and still can keep your jealousy, judgments, greed and anger, I think you will be immensely happy.
The trouble is you will have to choose. How can you drop your greed and jealousy and judgments and anger, if you enjoy your passion, your clown, your gypsy adventurer?

My suggestion is, first enjoy as much as you can your gypsy adventurer, your passion, your clown. Be completely fed up with them. Don't get in a split.
That happens to many people, hearing great words: they create a split within themselves. I don't want you to be schizophrenic; I want you to be psychologically and spiritually healthy.

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Laughter Is Essential Religion - Osho (Part 1)


Krishna Priya, there is some misunderstanding. There is no question in the world which cannot be asked. Yes, there are answers which cannot be answered. A question always comes from the mind; hence the mind always finds appropriate words for it. But the answer comes from your very being, from your depths of silence where no words have ever entered. The territory of the words and language is the mind, and that is also the territory of the questions. Every question can be brought into words -- only when you start feeling the answers, then the problem arises.

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Love Is A Gift: If It Happens, Feel Grateful; If It Doesn't Happen, It Doesn't Happen - Osho

- [A sannyasin says that she keeps repeating her patterns in relationships: When I feel my needs are not getting met, I start to blame him and I feel really bitter and I feel that it's destructive but I just keep doing it.]

- It is being done by millions of people and that's why they are all miserable. We have a very wrong a priori idea that the other is there to fulfill our needs; that is the basic problem. The other is not there to fulfill your needs. If he does, feel grateful; if he does not, there is no question of complaint. Why should he?
His life is his, your life is yours. He is not born in the world just to fulfill your needs. He has to live his life. If by chance he is fulfilling your needs, feel grateful; that is a miracle. It need not have happened but it is happening -- feel grateful. But when it doesn't happen, there is nothing to cry about. It has to be understood that there is no need for it to happen. But we go on doing just the opposite: when somebody fulfills your needs you never feel grateful; you take it for granted. And when he does not fulfill your need you are angry, you are violent, you are destructive.

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Once You Have Learned The Art You Will Be Immensely Surprised - Osho

I have invented many meditations, but perhaps this will be the most essential and fundamental one. It can take over the whole world. Already from every country news cuttings are coming to me -- "What is this Yaa-Hoo!?" People are making up meanings of their own, but it has taken over around the world. Now the second thing is Yaa-Boo! And the whole process of Yaa-Hoo and Yaa-Boo, the couple, married... arranged marriage!

Every society has done so much harm by preventing your joys and your tears. If an old man starts crying you will say, "What are you doing? You should feel ashamed; you are not a child, that somebody has taken your banana and you are crying. Have another banana, but don't cry."

Just see -- stand on the street and start crying and a crowd will gather to console you: "Don't cry! Whatever has happened forget all about it, it has happened." Nobody knows what has happened, nobody can help you, but everybody will try -- "Don't cry!" And the reason is that if you go on crying, then they will start crying, because they are also flooded with...

Those tears are very close to the eyes.
And it is a healthy thing to cry, to weep, to laugh. Now scientists are discovering that crying, weeping, laughter, are immensely healthful; not only physically but also psychologically, they are very much capable of keeping you sane. The whole of humanity has gone a little cuckoo, for the simple reason that nobody laughs fully because all around there are people who will say, "What are you doing? Are you a child? -- at this age? What will your children think? Keep quiet!"
If you cry and weep without any reason, just as an exercise, a meditation... nobody will believe it. Tears have never been accepted as meditation. And I tell you, they are not only a meditation, they are a medicine also. You will have better eyesight and you will have better inner vision.

I am giving you a very fundamental technique, fresh and unused. And it is going to become worldwide, without any doubt, because its effects will show anybody that the person has become younger, the person has become more loving, the person has become graceful. The person has become more flexible, less fanatic; the person has become more joyful, more a celebrant.

All that this world needs is a good cleansing of the heart of all the inhibitions of the past. Laughter and tears can do both. Tears will take out all the agony that is hidden inside you and laughter will take all that is preventing your ecstasy. Once you have learned the art you will be immensely surprised: why has this not been told up to now? There is a reason: nobody has wanted humanity to have the freshness of a roseflower and the fragrance and the beauty.

I have called this series of lectures THE MYSTIC ROSE. "Yaa-Hoo!" is the mantra to bring the mystic rose in your very center, to open your center and release your fragrance. Your life becomes for the first time significant, not just useful. Right now it is only useful -- you are a father, useful. Without you what will your children do? You are a mother, useful; you are a wife, useful -- without you what will your husband do? He may go astray.

He is already going astray, so you have to hang around! If the husband is too joyous the wife cannot believe that he is joyful because of her. There must be some other woman: "Just tell us, what is her name? Who is the other woman? Why are you laughing!?"
The husband cannot cry, because the wife will say, "What is the matter? I have been telling you continually, these love affairs won't do. Has the woman gone, leaving you behind crying and weeping?"

Two old people appeared in the court, husband and wife -- the husband was ninety-five years old, the wife ninety years old, and they wanted a divorce. The magistrate could not believe it. He said, "My god, at this age! For what? How long have you been married?"
They said, "Who remembers? Maybe sixty years, seventy years, but we cannot give you a certain date. It was long before."
The magistrate said, "If you have lived together so long that you cannot even remember when you started living together, then why are you divorcing now? If life was not good, and things were not going well, you should have appeared before the court long ago!"
The old man said, "We wanted to come, but the children... Now all the children are dead, so we decided there is no point in torturing each other. Now we should get a divorce: you torture somebody else if you can find anybody; I will torture somebody else if I can find. Otherwise we can be alone far better than we are together. Together we become so sad that `This woman destroyed my life' or, `This man destroyed my life.' "

People marry not because of love -- love knows no marriage, because love will not create any contract. It is not business. Love knows no marriage because it is not business, it is not law. It won't reduce the freedom of the other. If anything, it will increase and enhance the freedom of the other.
Love cannot cut the wings of the other. It will give you more wings, more skies, vast spaces to fly and to be.
But that does not happen. Marriage is a utility. It is a need, it is not a celebration.
Everything in life has become so mundane, so burdensome, but you don't know what else to do, where to go. Everybody is suffering his own suffering. You cannot change places. Even if it were possible to change places you would not change, because our own misery is at least ours and we are well acquainted.

At a party one man was asked by his wife, "I hear that the woman sitting over there is your mistress?"
The man did not want to create a fuss in the party, so he whispered; he said, "Yes, everybody has mistresses here, so don't make any trouble."
She said, "Then tell me who is whose mistress?"
So he told her: "This man has that mistress, and his wife is somebody else's mistress. Things are so puzzled..."
He told her about everybody. The same women, the same men, but all have mistresses, all have wives.
The woman looked at all of them and finally said, "But ours is the best."
Her husband's mistress! It was an agony, but OURS...! "Others are being more idiotic -- these horrible women... I know all of them."
Even the agony, the pain becomes by and by an acquaintance, old and familiar. You cannot part with it, you will miss it.
I have seen people missing their wives, just after two or three days when the wife has gone to her parents. For two or three days they are so joyful, but the fourth day they start missing the wife. And I have said to my friends, "You always wanted to get rid of your wife. It is good that she is prolonging her holiday -- enjoy!"
And what have I heard from my friends? "Yes, it is true, when she is here I feel like killing her. But when she goes somewhere else I feel so alone, that I go on writing letters and sending telegrams and every day a phone call -- `Come back soon; without you, life is not life!' "
Strange people! And when she comes then they want to kill her. They don't kill, just because they know it is very risky. If there were rewards for killing wives, I don't think you would find anybody who would not participate in the competition. Afterwards they will cry and weep and they will remember the golden days, but right now it is a nightmare.

The whole of life has become just a utility: either you are an inspector, or you are a police commissioner, or you are a minister, or you are a teacher -- just a function which any robot can do.
The only thing that the robot cannot do is meditation. In other words, I am saying that those who are not in meditation are being robots, without being aware that they are just utilities, functions, they are needed.

But a man of meditation for the first time realizes that it does not matter whether he is needed or not -- he himself is a joy unto himself. He himself is bliss, he does not depend on anybody to make him blissful. That is the only freedom possible in the world. Otherwise everybody is a slave.

I want my people to understand it absolutely that unless you become blissful on your own accord, unless your rose opens within your own being, you are just a commodity, just a thing, an object. Meditation reveals your subjectivity. Subjectivity is your consciousness, and your consciousness and its experience makes your life significant, meaningful, eternal, immortal, without any beginning and without any end. A celebration, moment-to-moment a dance.

And unless you have transformed your life into a moment-to-moment dance you have missed the opportunity that existence gives you.

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YAA-HOO! The Mystic Rose
Chapter #30
Chapter title: Laughter and tears -- a cleansing of the heart

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Osho : Images, Pictures, Pics, Photos...

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Love cannot be hidden. If it is there, really, words are not needed....OSHO

If you cannot see the wordless reality you will be frustrated in all your paths in life, everywhere you will be frustrated because you will take the word for reality.

Many people come to me and say, "This girl loved me, she said it herself." "This man loved me and now the love has disappeared." They were both deceived by words.

Dale Carnegie suggests that even if you have been married for twenty years, don't forget to keep using the same words you used when you were courting your wife -- continue. Every morning say the same as you did when you were courting.

Don't drop those words. Every day say, "Nobody exists like you. You are the most beautiful person in the world, and I will die without you." Dale Carnegie says that even if you don't feel it, go on saying it, because words are realities. And the wife will be deceived and the husband will be deceived, because we live by words alone.

You don't know anything else, you don't know anything real. How can you be in contact with reality? When someone says, "I love you" -- finished! When someone says, "I hate you" -- finished! Put aside the words and look at the person.

When someone says, "I love you," don't get entangled with the words, put them aside. Look at the person, at his or her totality. Then nobody can deceive you. Love is such a fire you will be able to see it, you will be able to touch it, you will be able to know whether it is there or not.

Love cannot be hidden. If it is there, really, words are not needed. When somebody really loves you, he will not say, "I love you." It is not needed. Love is enough unto itself -- it needs no salesmanship. It doesn't need anybody to persuade, to convince; it is enough, it is a fire. Nothing is more fiery than love, it is a flame. And when there is a flame in the dark you need not say anything about it. It is there. No advertisement is needed, no propaganda is needed.

Try to separate words from reality. In your day-to-day life when someone says, "I hate you," don't believe the word. This may be just a momentary thing, it may be just a phase. Don't go for the word, otherwise you will make an enemy for life. As you have made friends because of words so you have made enemies because of words.

Don't go for the words, look into the person, look into the eyes, feel the whole -- it may be just a momentary reaction. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred it will be just a momentary thing. He feels hurt by something, he reacts and says, "I hate you." Wait, don't decide, don't say, "This is an enemy.

" If you say that, you are not only deceived by others' words, you are also deceived by your own. If you say, "This is an enemy," now this word will cling. And even if he changes tomorrow, you will not be so ready or so willing to change, you will carry it within you. And then through your insistence you will create an enemy. Your enemies are false, your friends are false, because words are not reality.


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Osho Hindi Bhajan... Video

A beautiful hindi bhajan dedicated to Beloved Osho...

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It is a question of your own inner transformation:

- There is no heaven and there is no hell. They are not geographical, they are part of your psychology. They are psychological. To live a life of spontaneity, truth, love and beauty is to live in heaven. To live a life of hypocrisy, lies and compromises, to live according to others, is to live in hell. To live in freedom is heaven, and to live in bondage is hell.
You can decorate your prison cell beautifully, but that makes no difference, it is still a prison cell. And that's what people have been doing, they go on decorating their prison cell. They give it beautiful names, they go on painting it, putting new pictures on the walls, arranging the furniture in new ways, purchasing more and more things -- but they live in prisons.

Your marriage is a prison, your church is a prison, your nationality is a prison. How many prisons you have created! You are not living in one prison, your prisons are like Chinese boxes: a box within a box within a box within a box, it goes on. You are like an onion: peel it, another layer, peel that, another layer. Destroy one prison and you find another inside. This is what hell is.

To reach the very core of the onion, where all layers have been dropped and there is only nothingness in your hands, that is freedom, nirvana, bodhichitta. The consciousness of a buddha, the pure consciousness of a buddha, that is heaven.

And my idea of heaven is not something far away, a heaven in the sky where only angels live.... Do you know that angels don't perspire? They don't need any deodorants. And do you know, in heaven there are no pubs, because pubs are not needed. There are rivers of wine, so you can jump into the rivers and drink to your heart's content. And there are beautiful women who never grow old, who are stuck at the age of eighteen. Centuries and centuries have passed, but they are stuck at the age of eighteen. They have golden bodies. Just think of it! It looks more like a nightmare. Golden bodies? With eyes of sapphire?

No, that is not my idea of heaven. In that way, I am an old Jew....

The minister said to his friend, "Rabbi, I dreamed of a Jewish heaven the other night. It was very lifelike, and it seemed to me to just suit the Jewish ideal. It was a crowded tenement district with Jewish people everywhere. There were clothes on lines from every window, women on every stoop, pushcart peddlers on every corner, children playing stick-ball on every street. The noise and confusion were so great that I woke up."
The rabbi said, "By a strange coincidence, Father Williams, I dreamed the other night of an Episcopalian heaven. It was very lifelike, and it seemed to me just the ideal of Episcopalians. It was a neat suburb, with well-spaced English Tudor and manor houses, with beautiful lawns, each with its own flowerbed, with clean wide tree-lined streets, and all was suffused in warm sunshine."
The vicar smiled. "And the people?"
"Oh," murmured the rabbi, "there were no people."

My idea of heaven is not unearthly. Heaven is here -- you just have to know how to live it. And hell too is here, and you know perfectly well how to live it. It is only a question of changing your perspective, your approach towards life.

The earth is beautiful. If you start living its beauty, enjoying its joys with no guilt in your heart, you are in paradise. If you condemn everything, every small joy, if you become a condemner, a poisoner, then the same earth turns into a hell -- but only for you. It depends on you where you live, it is a question of your own inner transformation. It is not a change of place, it is a change of inner space.

Live joyously, guiltlessly, live totally, live intensely. And then heaven is no more a metaphysical concept, it is your own experience.


You Are Buddhas - Pretending Not To Be: Osho

The whole science of the joke is that it takes you toward a certain height of expectation, step by step, and suddenly there is such a turn that you had never expected. Your whole tension that was gathering explodes into laughter… It will be better to tell you a joke…

´Danny discovers that his wife was cheating with another guy, so he went to the guy's wife and told her about it.
"I know what we will do!" she said. "Let us take revenge on them." So they went to a motel and had revenge on them.
She said, "Let us have more revenge."
So they kept having revenge and more revenge. Finally Danny said, "That's enough revenge. I don't have any more hard feelings."

If the end comes in such a way that you were not expecting - you could not have figured out that it will end in such a way - it brings a sudden laughter. It is a release of tension.


Yoga Lalita, the ultimate joke, the only joke....

The official, Riko, once asked Nansen to explain to him the old problem of the goose in the bottle.
"If a man puts a gosling into a bottle," said Riko, "and feeds him until he is full-grown, how can the man get the goose out without killing it or breaking the bottle?"
Nansen gave a great clap with his hands and shouted, "Riko!"
"Yes, Master," said the official with a start.
"See," said Nansen, "the goose is out."

This is the only ultimate joke in existence. You are enlightened. You are Buddhas -- pretending not to be, pretending to be somebody else. And my whole work here is to expose you.

The cuckoos have become silent, waiting for a few laughs from you. Remember, laughter is one of the ways in which you can disappear. Only laughter remains. ... The cuckoo has started again, calling forth.

Laughter is a mystery. It is better to experience it than to hear someone talk about it. But one becomes curious, "What is laughter?"
Laughter is the most intelligent factor in you.
Buffaloes don't laugh, and if you meet a buffalo laughing you will go mad! Then it will be impossible to bring you to sanity. No animal laughs. Laughter needs a very sensitive intelligence. It means that you can understand the ridiculousness of a certain situation.
What are jokes? They are a very clever arrangement. They take you in a direction logically, rationally, you start expecting that now this is going to happen, this is going to happen... and it goes on happening according to your expectations. Then comes a sudden turn and something happens which you could never have imagined. That brings laughter to you.
It is a very internal process of your rational expectation. If what you were expecting happens, there will be no laugh. But if you see something that you could not have conceived and everything went well up to the end -- and then suddenly something happens that makes you immediately forget all your reason, logic, mind...
Laughter is the only ordinary experience when you are no longer a mind, and I use it to give you glimpses of no-mind, of meditation, of a transcendence of mind. Perhaps I am the first man in the whole history of mankind who has been using jokes as a preparation for meditation. Jesus would not laugh; Buddha will not laugh; Lao Tzu is not heard to have ever laughed... They were serious people, and they were doing serious work!

Audrey and Marilyn, two retired schoolteachers from Chicago, save up all their money to go on safari in Africa.
They are having a wonderful time going through the jungle, when suddenly a huge gorilla swings down out of the trees, sweeps Marilyn into his arms, and disappears.
He takes her back to his cave, and for a week makes love to her all day and night.
Finally, Audrey organizes a rescue party, and Marilyn is saved and rushed to the hospital.
She is treated there for a couple of days and then her friend comes for a visit.
"Oh, Marilyn!" the friend sobs, "what a ghastly experience! How do you feel?"
"How should I feel?" sobs Marilyn, "he never writes, he never calls...!"

One tranquil afternoon in the deep forest, Doobeedoo, the very handsome frog, is preparing to go for a little hop around the pond. He is feeling pretty good about things today, and a little `out there,' so he puts on his flashy new white Yves Saint-Laurent swimsuit.
He goes out and takes in the beautiful morning. The sun is streaming softly through the tall pine trees. Doobeedoo takes a big breath of fresh air and smiles. Then full of life, he says to a passing deer, "I am God!"
He hops on for a while, and when he comes across a family of dragonflies, he puffs out his chest and says, "I am God!"
A little further on, he comes to Doreen the duck. He makes big eyes at her and in a spiritual tone says, "I am God!"
Doreen looks at the frog and says, "What?"
Doobee says again, "I am God!"
"I have been watching you," says Doreen, "and you have been telling that to everyone around the pond. Are you serious, or is it just that flashy white Yves Saint-Laurent swimsuit?"
"I am God!" says Doobee again.
"Enough of your silliness," says the duck. "Away with you, you smart-faced jerk!"
At this, Doobee pulls down his white swimsuit and exposes his machinery.
Doreen looks in amazement and says slowly, "Oh my God!"